Domino’s Malaysia Creatively Responds To Viral “Asian Flat Croissant” Recipe And It’s Hilarious

Domino's Pizza Malaysia For The Win!

Hello, foodies! We are sure that everyone has heard about the viral roti can-, we mean, Asian Flat Croissant recipe that has been going around. If you are curious to know what we are talking about, read about it here. Amidst all the hilarious memes that have been popping up, we must say that Domino’s Pizza Malaysia takes the win for their creative response!

Fancy A Plate Of “Asian Flat Croissant” At The Mamak Or The “Italian Flat Naan” From Domino’s?

Photo: @hellenus (Twitter)

The above photo was posted on Nyonya Cooking’s Facebook page, and Malaysian netizens certainly went crazy over it. If you take a dig at one of our iconic local favourites, you can bet that you’ll garner a response. And boy, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia did not disappoint with their hilarious response!

Photo: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia (Facebook)

It’s creative. It’s funny. And, we simply love it. Without a doubt, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s response was nothing short of being quick and cheeky! The successful pizza delivery chain responded with a recipe of their classic Pepperoni pizza, but instead, calling it the “Italian Flat Naan” this time ’round. Kudos to you, Domino’s!

Screenshot: @DominosMY (Twitter)

Check Out These Funny Memes And Responses To The “Asian Flat Croissant” On Twitter

Screenshot: @brandnewtaee (Twitter)

Considering how viral the Asian Flat Croissant went, there are plenty of funny reactions from netizens on Twitter and of course, we couldn’t help but share some. One netizen with the Twitter handle, @brandnewtaee, claimed that “…asian molecuLE IN MY BODY IS SHAKING”. Would you say that this news shook you too?

Screenshot: @mhafizr69 (Twitter)

Moving on, another netizen went as far as tweeting “Asian flat croissant – rm5.00 *gravy not included”. This can only describe the price hikes of something simple when a “fancier” name is used. Don’t we all agree on this one? Also, see this other one from Dutch video game developer, Rami Ismail, who wasn’t shy of expressing his…rage.

Screenshot: @tha_rami (Twitter)

Nevertheless, the one response all of us weren’t expecting was from Nyonya Cooking themselves! In a comment on their original Facebook post, they justified their reasons for calling it as they did by commenting that they were making it more relatable for audiences who were not familiar with the words such as “roti” and “canai”.

Screenshot: Nyonya Cooking (Facebook)

So, will you be ordering the Asian Flat Croissant at your next mamak visit? Anyhow, we hope that Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s efforts brightened up your day! They certainly made us smile and we give special thanks to their creative team! Adios for now.

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