Perfectice – Korea’s Famous Milkshake Store is Finally Opening in KL This November

If you’ve travelled to Seoul before, chances are that you’ve visited Perfectice, one of Korean’s favourite milkshake & ice cream store of all-time. Having Perfectice in KL?! Yep! You’ve heard it right. The Korea famous French milkshake chain –PerfectIce has finally made its way to Malaysia!

Source: Perfectice’s Facebook

Perfectice Is Finally Opening in KL

“Perfectice” is a Korean brand that specialises in French Style Milkshake. In fact, it’s still a relatively new dessert joint in Korea. It was first established in 2015 as pop-up stores, and has made its mark since then. Currently, Perfectice has more than 10 branches across Korea, but fret not- it hasn’t lost its sheen. What’s the best part? We no longer need to travel all the way to Korea to have a taste of their French Style milkshake as it’ll be opening in KL real soon!

Photo by @mic_michael

What’s So Special About Perfectice

Perfectice is surely one of the most reliable milkshake joints for you to cool off after a scorcher week. Believing the fact that a poorly mixed shake made of unimpressive ingredients is just a straw-clogging waste, Perfectice sticks to using premium ingredients in their shakes, and all are freshly made 24/7. All that smooth, rich decadence ready to be slurped up, Perfectice’s milkshakes are surely sublime enough to worth the indulgence.

Photo by @original_38114

Housed in a unique blue food truck design, their store itself is the perfect backdrop for your Instagram post. As striking as it seems, they also have their milkshake models sculpted and displayed at the counter. Visit it once it’s opened and you’d agree that it’s perfect for the gram.

Photo by @perfectice
Photo by @joo_history_

And yes, they’re pretty wacky with the list of flavours! Whether you opt for strawberry, chocolate or vanilla, it’s sure to hit all the right notes. Salted caramel, milk tea and root beer flavours are also an option, elevating your drink selection to the next level of delish. No worries! Their shakes are all a perfectly balanced ratio of ice cream to milk, frostily perfect to satisfy your milkshake cravings.

Photo by @asarimayashita
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Photo by @babysue_1984
Photo by @taebong2_sera

For ice cream lovers, they do serve ice cream on their menu too! Their ice cream is produced with handpicked finest ingredients with no added artificial flavouring or preservatives. All flavours are true crescendos of texture and flavour, certainly not one for the faint-stomached. And what’s the best part? It’s super photogenic!

Photo by Perfectice Malaysia
Photo by @yum_um
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Stay Tuned to Perfectice’s Opening

You no longer need to milk around the city to sample a top shake as this might be the creamiest hotspots of them all- best enjoyed with ice cream, or alone in its purest form. Head over to Perfectice in KL to have a taste of Korea’s French Style Ice Cream! Yum!

Photo by @gonna_eat_all_night

Wanna know where will Perfectice’s first store in KL be at? Stay tuned to their Facebook & Instagram.


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