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10 Hotels In Pulau Langkawi With Rates Starting From RM63 For Your Next Domestic Getaway

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Hello, foodies! As you may know, we can now travel between states with ease. Although the Covid-19 situation is improving, it is still important to stay at home. Nevertheless, now that domestic travelling is allowed, some of you maybe itching to go on vacation. If you are, do remember to practice social distancing and good hygiene when you travel. Looking for your next vacation spot? Well, here are 10 hotels you can check out in….Pulau Langkawi!

10 Hotels In Pulau Langkawi With Room Rates Starting From RM63

As we moving into the recovery period of the Movement Control Order, it is still crucial that we stay at home as much as we can to minimise social contact. If you want to travel, fret not because you can start booking your trips for travel later in the year (or even next year) when it is much safer. Check out these 10 hotels in Pulau Langkawi offering awesome room rate discounts up to 79% so that only leaves you to book now and, travel later!

1. Alia Residence Business Resort

Photo: @tiia.aleksandra (Instagram)

Starting off this list of 10 hotels with the best rate, Alia Residence Business Resort is offering one of the best hotel deals we’ve ever seen. They are having a promotion on Agoda, for 75% off their room rate.

Check it out here.

Link(s): Website

2. Berjaya Langkawi Resort

Photo: @berjayalangkawiresort (Instagram)

Next up, a tropical resort with a seaside view. Curious to know how it looks like? Well, book your rooms at the Berjaya Langkawi Resort to enjoy a wonderful beach view from your hotel room.

Check it out here.

Link(s): Website, Facebook

3. Casa Loma Resort

Photo: Agoda (Website)

Need some time to beat the heat? Soak up the sun and cool yourself off in a pool at the same time. To do this, you should head to Casa Loma in Pulau Langkawi to enjoy the sun and also chill. See their room rates in the link below.

Check it out here.

Link(s): Facebook

4. The Ocean Residence

Photo: @the.ocean.residence.langkawi (Instagram)

Have you been working hard lately and in need of a break? Well, you can always book your trip early and travel later in the year. How about a swim in a pool overlooking the ocean? If that sounds appealing to you, check out The Ocean Residence for a tranquil swim because their pool overlooks the ocean. Sit back (or shall we say, float), and relax. You deserve it!

Check out room rates here.

Link(s): Website, Facebook, Instagram 

5. Ambong Pool Villas

Photo: @ambongpoolvillas (Instagram)

For a scenic and relaxing getaway, Ambong Pool Villas is the place to be. This hotel is super Instagram-worthy and their surroundings are lovely. This place is a rainforest retreat that will make you feel like you are on vacation. If this suits your style, book a few rooms now!

See room rates here.

Link(s): Website, Facebook, Instagram 

6. White Lodge Chalet Langkawi

Photo: @adiewhitelodge (Instagram)

If you have a family, this White Lodge Chalet in Langkawi would be a perfect choice for a relaxing and fun family trip. There is fun time for kids in the pool and adults can lounge in the sun by the pool. Isn’t it perfect? Check out room rates below.

See here for room rates.

7. Ombak Villa Langkawi

Photo: @kennyycfai (Instagram)

Although this place is not currently open for business, they are having amazing room rate promos on Agoda. Do check them out and book this place because once it is open, it’ll definitely be flooding with tourists!

Check it out here.

Link(s): Website

8. Chill Suites

Photo: Agoda (Website)

Would you need a short weekend trip just to clear your head? Chill Suites Langkawi would be the place to be for some quiet time. Affordable and cosy, see below for room rates.

Check out room rates here.

9. Greenish Hotel

Photo: @greenish_hotel (Instagram)

Here’s another super affordable place in Langkawi when you next book your vacation. If you want to save up on the hotel and spend more on food, this place would be perfect. Check out below for room rates.

See here for room rate.

10. Paretto Seaview

Photo: @daniel.unterwegs (Instagram)

Last but not the least, Paretto Seaview is just cosy for those who don’t want any fuss. Right smack in the centre of Pulau Langkawi, this place is good for a short night cap.

Check out the rates here.

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