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10 Beautiful Shots You Can Try In KL’s Kwai Chai Hong

Recently, have you heard about the newly transformed street of Chinatown which has garnished the attention of countless people? Maybe you’re still uncertain on what’s it about, which is why we’re here to do our job to tell you so. Kwai Chai Hong, a once-abandoned lane has been restored to its early days’ glory with the pre-war buildings in the history-rich lane with the help of the Passion Project. Every corner of the lane is Instagrammable, so don’t worry and just snap away. But just in case, you’re unsure about how to pose and where to take your photo then here are 10 shots you have to get in the beautiful Kwai Chai Hong!


10 Beautiful Shots You Can Try In KL’s Kwai Chai Hong

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1. Reminiscing or reenact your childhood years of playing marble balls.

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2. Or maybe you’re more of a rope-jumping fan?

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3. Have your name written in Chinse calligraphy here!

4. Catching the lovebirds in action at the beautiful bridge.

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5. Listening to the melodious music played from the erhu.

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6. Enjoying an adrenaline-rushing rendezvous with your lover on the balcony just like people did back in the days.

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7. Getting a trim at the barber.

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8. Be careful to not be charmed by the prettiest lady in town.

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9. Next, a shot on the stunning wooden bridge.

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10. A simple yet aesthetic photo in front of the vibrant coloured building.

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So guys, did you get all that down? We hope that this listicle can somehow help you with the photo-session you’re going to embark on once you’ve stepped foot onto this memory lane. Most importantly, remember to have plenty of fun times and share the photos you’ve taken up on your social media accounts! ??

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