10 Best Meals Below RM 15 at Pavilion KL For When You’re On A Budget

Cheap meals all day, everyday!

We know how hard it is to find decently-priced eateries in Pavilion KL. With its reputation as one of the high-end shopping malls in KL, a simple meal can easily cost upwards of RM30; while our taste buds are satisfied, our wallet suffers. Now, you’re probably wondering if you’d still be able to enjoy good food without breaking the bank. Fret not, the answer is an absolute yes. Since most of us can’t afford to spend lavishly on meals on a regular basis, allow us to introduce 10 Best Meals Below RM15 at Pavilion KL for When You’re on a Budget.


10 Meals Below RM15 at Pavilion KL For When You’re On A Budget

1. Al Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant

by @ fafwz (instagram)

If you’re looking for an authentic Northern Chinese dining experience, you have come to the right place. Fans of hand-pulled noodles will love every noodle treat offered and you can count on them to be pocket-friendly too. With prices ranging between RM8-RM16, you can get a hearty bowl of yummy noodles in a high-end atmosphere. Opt for their Mushroom Lamb Noodle (RM12) or Tomato Beef Noodle (RM10), and your wallet will thank you later.

by @ aswadkamaruddin (instagram)
by @ mynameiszarrieff (instagram)

Address : Lot 7.01.02, Level 7, Dining Loft
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm. Opens daily
*This is a HALAL eatery*

2. Go Noodle House

by @ 7skt_ (instagram)

You’ve probably heard of this eatery numerous times and they always seem to draw a huge crowd, especially during the weekends. Their Signature Bursting Meatballs (RM12.90) are often raved about and the bursting sensation when you bite into the centre of the pork balls is super satisfying *drools*. Sip on their flavourful in-house broth that comes with a mild Shaoxing Hua Diao wine taste and it’s the perfect comfort meal on a rainy day.

by @ pn.eatjourney (instagram)
by @ winleslee (instagram)

Address : Lot 1.29.04, Level 1
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm. Opens daily.
*This is a NON-HALAL eatery*

3. Killer Gourmet Burger (KGB)

by @ kgb.killer.gourmet.burgers (instagram)

“Yeah I’m into fitness, fit ness whole burger into my mouth!” Well, can you? (hehe) Indulge in succulent and juicy burgers that even Plankton from Spongebob will hunt down for their recipe! For a more affordable option, go for The Shack (RM 13.50 Chicken / RM 14.50 Beef) which includes a tender patty, cheddar and is topped with KGB’s shack sauce. You’d be a fool to miss out on this delicious burger!

by @ kgb.killer.gourmet.burgers (instagram)
kgb.killer.gourmet.burgers (instagram)

Address : Lot 4.100.02 & S4.100.00
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm. Opens daily.
*This is a HALAL eatery*

4. Mak’s Chee Authentic Wanton

by @ sandychrislie (instagram)

Wanna reminisce about the good old days in Hong Kong? Mak’s Chee Authentic Wanton is calling your name. Established back in the 1920s in Guangzhou, Chee Kee’s stall was one of the more popular ones across the city. To distinguish himself from others, Chee decided to go against the norm and created his special prawn, rather than pork, wanton. Briskets are usually everyone’s go-to but since we’re on a tighter budget, feel free to opt for their Wanton Noodles (RM14.90) which is worth a try too. The only gripe would be that it comes in a relatively smaller portion but if you’re not a big eater, it’s a satisfying meal!

by @ mymakschee (instagram)
by @ mornincoffee._ (instagram)

Address : Lot.7.101.02, Level 7
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm.
*This is a NON-HALAL eatery*


5. Pho Vietz

by @ eatwithdudu (instagram)

This will pho-sure be your new-found favourite if Vietnamese cuisine is your thing. Everyone is crazy for their pho and have claimed that it is one of the best in town, but hey let’s give their rice dishes some love too. Make a beeline for their Sweet Potato Curry Chicken with Rice (RM14.50) and you can count on Pho Vietz to ignore ‘moderation is key’…in a good way tho! When quality is not compromised, we are glad the quantity will leave us feeling satisfied and full. Additionally, Banh Mi is a great alternative for a light bite!

by @ pho vietz (facebook)
by @ limpatrick69 (instagram)

Address : Lot C4.06.02
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm. Opens daily.
*This is a NON-HALAL eatery*

6. Snowflake

by @ mycafefood (instagram)

Before you question us, yes, we are putting this on the list! Don’t underestimate taro balls when it comes to filling up your belly. Featured in our 10 Best Taro Balls In KL, this is a notable mention that is the perfect remedy for blazing hot weather as well as a great alternative to savoury mains. The portion is big enough to be shared by 2 persons, but you can always gobble down this cooling treat on your own ( no one’s judging 😉 ). Most of the sweets are below RM15, though we would highly recommend Best Seller Double Black (RM14.50) which comprises chewy taro balls, grass jelly and a scoop of ice cream!

by @ ___justfood___ (instagram)
by @ lov3lace_ (instagram)

Address : Lot P4.01.00 & E4.01.00, Level 4
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm. Opens daily.
*This is a HALAL eatery*

7. Subway

by @ olenofficial (instagram)

“Lettuce meat olive your eggspectations” – Subway doesn’t mess around with puns huh? In almost every crook and cranny of the country, this subway joint is frequented by locals for its variety of foot-long sandwiches and fun dining experience. Unlike restaurants that serve ready-made food to your table, you’ll get to play Gordon Ramsay and choose your own toppings along with the condiments of your choice. At RM12.40, you can get a sandwich topped with chicken slices or turkey breast. However, most of their options are below RM15, so you’ll be spoilt with choices!

by @ thehandsofcuisine (instagram)
by @ alamandashoppingcentre (instagram)

Address : Lot 1.07.00, Level 1
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm. Opens daily.
*This is a HALAL eatery*


8. Village Pot

by @ lijhuin (instagram)

Village Pot is the place to be to cure your clay pot rice cravings. This restaurant serves all things clay pot and their Claypot Rice with Spicy Marinated Meat, Pickled Lettuce, Pork Lard and Egg (RM14.40) is a must try for pork lovers. They also serve a variety of clay pot dishes which feature other meat types such as chicken, salted fish and smoked duck. If those piqued your interest and are more up your alley, be sure to order those at RM14.40 each too.

by @ ajsy1105 (instagram)
by @ yuangan87 (instagram)

Address : Lot 7.100.00 & Lot S7.100.01, Level 7
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm. Opens daily.
*This is a NON-HALAL eatery*

9. Ichiban Boshi

by @ ejarashid (instagram)

If you love Japanese cuisine as much we do, you’ll understand that finding affordable Japanese eats around KL is a bit of a challenge, what more in Pavilion? Nevertheless, we have done our research and found this hidden gem. And no, we’re not talking about sushi – you can get their Chicken Teridon for only RM15.80 (80 cents more, spare us please), which is a good option to satisfy your teriyaki cravings. With their cosy ambience and comfortable setting, it makes a great spot to catch up with your pals too.

by @ amanda900820 (instagram)
by @ walkeatandsleep (instagram)

Address : Lot. 1.14.00, Level 1
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm. Opens daily.
*This is a HALAL eatery*

10. Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

by @ boywithappetite (instagram)

Living by “To Taste In Hong Kong. Taste in Wong Kok”, you can expect an array of Hong Kong style and fusion food options when you’re here. Conveniently located in a shopping mall, you can enjoy a taste of Hong Kong dishes at an affordable price and it’s the best way to unwind after a long day. You can find dishes such as Yong Chow Fried Rice for as low as RM11.30 or even Spaghetti Aglio Olio for RM13.90. Whether you’re in the mood for savoury or sweet, there is bound to be something to suit your cravings.

by @ vampcher (instagram)
by @ viivat_tonnam (instagram)

Address : Lot 1.107.00, Level 1
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm. Opens daily.
*This is a NON-HALAL eatery*

10 Meals Below RM15 at Pavilion KL For When You’re On A Budget

So are we your new go-to source for financial planning when it comes to food? (hehe) We hope we have done a good job on hunting the cheapest meals in Pavilion KL for you! If you have tried any other cheap and good eats, do let us know in the comments section below. Everyone is trying hard to save a few bucks so your recommendations are much appreciated 😉

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