10 Best Things To Eat In IKEA

If you are craving for meatballs, where are you going to go? You would think that people would only go to IKEA for stylish and innovative furniture. Well, that’s not the case! There are many people would go to IKEA just for their food and we don’t blame them. We will discovering their restaurant, food market, and bistro. This guide, 10 Best Things To Eat In IKEA, will help you to decide what to order in your next visit!


10 Best Things To Eat In IKEA

1. Meatballs With Broccoli

Photo: 3kheng (Instagram)

Just the word broccoli reminds us of John Cena in the recent viral video of him promoting a chilli paste. Meatballs With Broccoli is a must-order when you’re at the canteen-style restaurant. It comes with the side of mash potato, jam, and broccoli. The meatballs are completely drenched in cream sauce! You have the options of the original meatballs, or chicken.


? RM 11.00 / 8 pieces

2. Fried Chicken Wings

Photo: @yehpheng (Instagram)

Meatballs are great in IKEA, fried chicken wings are great in life. Food tastes better when you eat with your hands, and you know you can’t fork and knife a fried chicken wing! Their indoor cage free fried chicken wings are great for sharing with your friends and family! IKEA’s fried chicken wings are dark brown perfection, with a tender and moist texture.


? RM 16.50 / 6 pieces

3. Marinated Salmon + Chicken Caesar Salad

Photo: @yphingee (Instagram)

This is a combination of two things! We know that they will taste really good together. Not to mention, really healthy. Their thin but big slices of marinated salmon is seasoned with salt and pepper, with a side of lemon and mustard sauce. Their chicken Caesar salad comes with a generous amount of greens, tomatoes, chicken slices, and a side of sauce. Combine them together to have the perfect healthy meal!



? Marinated Salmon / RM11.90 / Chicken Caesar Salad / RM 6.50

4. Smoked BQQ Half Chicken

Photo: @beatrice.617 (Instagram)

Fried chicken wings are made for sharing, but what if you’re craving for chicken and you don’t feel like sharing it at all? That’s when you order this! A perfectly cooked half chicken drenched in generous servings of barbecue sauce, with fries and broccoli on the sides. If that is not filling enough for you, you can always add on their soup of the day and a delectable piece of chocolate cake.



? RM 17.90 / + soup and chocolate cake RM 26.90

5. Lamb Shank

Photo: @epicureancyndi (Instagram)

If you are feeling that you want to eat something good and fancy, and you’re friends insist on going to IKEA simply because they are craving for some Swedish meatballs, fret not! IKEA can satisfy your cravings by serving you a delicious plate of lamb shank. Their lamb shank is served with black pepper sauce, with mash potato and broccoli on the sides.



? RM 32.90

6. Soup Of The Day + Croissant

Photo: @shark0707 (Instagram)

Forrest Gump once said, “my mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” If you don’t what’s their soup of the day, why is it on the list? That’s because their mushroom soup is simple, but amazing. It makes a good appetizer before you start digging into your main meals! If that’s all you want, you can always pair it with a warm croissant and call it a meal!


? Soup Of The Day / RM 4.20 / Croissant / RM 3.70

7. Nordic Fruit Water

Photo: @iam.zahir (Instagram)

Is Nordic fruit water your all-time favourite too?! It is ours! We love their Nordic fruit water, it is so refreshing, especially when most of the food served in IKEA have cream sauces and think gravies. Our favourite is their raspberry flavour. However, you can always try everything else including lemon, pear, and lingonberry because it is free refill! If you are wondering, a lingonberries are almost similar to cranberries.


? RM 2.10

8. Soy Ice-Cream

Photo: @hungryhungryheejin (Instagram)

At IKEA, they have so different cakes such as strawberry cheesecake, almond cake, and moist chocolate cake. They are a little heavy after a full meal. Still, no meal is complete without a sweet ending. What are you going to do? Queue up and get yourself a soy ice-cream! The light body soy ice-cream is served on a crunchy waffle cone. It is also one way to beat the Malaysian weather!


? RM 1.00

9. Biscuits

Photo: @viva.132 (Instagram)

Looking for something to nibble while your driving home from IKEA? Stop by at their Swedish Food Market to bring something home. They have a few choices of biscuits! Their packaging is definitely appealing with colourful wrappers and boxes. Perfect on the kitchen table and for gifting. Some of our favourites include biscuit with raspberry filling, ginger thins with almonds, and KEX, biscuits with alphabet cut-outs.


? RM 5.50 to RM 7.70

10. Frozen Meatballs + Cream Sauce Mix + Lingonberry Jam

Photo: @yuteng630 (Instagram)

We start the list with meatballs, we are going to end it with meatballs! If you love meatballs, and you’re too lazy to drive all the way to IKEA to get a plate, you can bring it home with you.  At their Swedish Food Market, you can get yourself everything you need to make yourself a plate, except mash potato and broccoli, of course. In this case, you can have as many meatballs as you want on your plate! Ah, delightful!

??? (three stars because you have to d-i-y)

? Frozen Meatballs / RM 33.90 / Cream Sauce Mix / RM 5.30 / Lingonberry Jam / RM 13.70

Are you planning your trip to IKEA already?

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