10 Best Vietnamese Places In KL & PJ For You To Chow Down On

Vietnamese food is the new trend right now!

Hey, foodies! As you know Vietnamese cuisine has been around for thousands of years and surprisingly there are still some people out there that have yet to try this mouth-watering and mind-blowing cuisine. Some of you has never tasted Vietnamese food and it really shows. If you’re in the mood and eyeing for some good Vietnamese restaurants, where do you head to? By reading our article, your problem would be solved!


10 Best Vietnamese Places In KL & PJ For You To Chow Down On

1. Ăn Viet @ The Gardens Mall

vietnamese kl
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vietnamese kl
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Ăn Viet, which literally means to “Eat Viet”, is a casual dining restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese food. Lookout for their bowls of pho which come with different ingredients – the famous and well-celebrated one being their beef pho. The soup is unbeatable if we have to say, just the right sourness to give your taste buds the right kick. Other dishes on the menu are also palatable and heavily-favoured to boot!

? LG203B The Gardens Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

? 11am – 10pm (Daily)

2. Pho Vietz @ Pavilion

pho vietz queens bay mall
Pho Vietz
pho vietz queens bay mall
Pho Vietz
pho vietz queens bay mall
Pho Vietz
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The one delicacy that’s worth travelling to Pho Vietz for is no doubt the Caramel Sliced Pork Belly Set. This dish has a thicker gravy consistency and leans towards a more flavourful side. If you have bolder tastebuds, this dish is not to be missed. Another item you’d be enthralled by will be the coffee, prepared using a traditional Vietnamese brewing method where the coffee is dripped through a filter.
Yummy yumz yumz!

Pavilion, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

11am – 10pm (Daily)

3. Sao Nam

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Sao Nam is an award-winning Vietnamese restaurant which comes with a delectable menu selection and also cosy ambience. The signature dish that is always well-received by diners is inarguably their spring roll which comes with generous fillings. Remember to dip it in the homemade sweet and sour sauce for an extra kick of flavour!


25, Tengkat Tong Shin, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

? 12.30pm – 2.30pm, 7pm – 10.30pm (Sun – Thu); 12.30pm – 2.30pm, 7pm – 12.30am (Fri & Sat)

4. Mimi Nguyen’s Cafe

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Vietnamese restaurants have been mushrooming everywhere but honestly speaking, which are the ones we can really trust? Let me tell you, friend, Mimi is no doubt one of them. Their yummy banh mi will surely win your heart over with its homemade and soft bread, yet just crunchy and crispy enough on the outside. And, they’re not stingy with the fillings as well!


L-01, Pusat Perniagaan Kinrara, 01, Jalan PPK 1, Taman Kinrara, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

? 10.30am – 10.30pm (Daily)

5. Ara Vietnamese Noodles

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This lovely spot welcomes customers with bowls after bowls of mouth-watering noodles but never underestimate them, because they offer much more than just noodles as well – street food like traditional spring rolls, pork sausage skewers, fried pancakes, lemongrass chicken with rice, plus desserts. In addition, they’re not pretentious when it comes to the price, very reasonable for what you get!


45, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

10am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 9pm (Closed on Monday)

6. Pho King

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Initially started out as a hawker stall, since then they’ve moved into a shop lot. Their Vietnamese dishes have received nothing but praises due to its authenticity, all thanks to the hard work the husband-and-wife team put in. Their pho is probably the best in the whole of PJ, serving only the freshest and good quality beef!

153, Jalan SS 2/6, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

? 12pm – 9pm (Closed on Thursday)

7. Banh Mi Thit: Lien Phat Vietnamese Bread House

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You cannot miss out on this simple restaurant that offers amazing and delightful Vietnamese street food – from signature pork chop rice, noodles to banh mi, they have it all in the menu. Not only that, they nail it so well that people would go as far as to call it the closest Vietnamese food you can get without flying to the country itself. Fan of coffee? Go ahead and try out their signature Vietnamese coffee which is rich and strong!

23, Jalan Metro Perdana 7, Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

? 9.15am – 7.30pm (Daily)

8. Super Saigon TTDI KL – Pho Beef Noodles Vietnamese Cafe

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It’s definitely the next big thing in KL, serving proper and soul-warming Vietnamese cuisine that many would die for. Being the first few Vietnamese restaurants to be using only Halal-certified ingredients, they’re on their way to being the first halal-certified Vietnamese restaurant in KL. Using high grade beef all the way from Australia, every pho is a bowl of goodness!

28, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

? 11.30am – 10.30pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 10.30pm (Sat & Sun)

9. Highland Viet Cafe

vietnamese kl & pj
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A bowl of pho is only as good as its broth which in this cafe, Highland did so well that you’d be left with wanting more. Another really popular dish that is well-received by the diners is the banh mi. I mean come on, it’s the whole point of us going to a Vietnamese restaurant right.

129, Jalan SS 25/2, Taman Mayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

? 10.30am – 10pm (Closed on Tuesday)

10. Wonton & Pho

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The name of the restaurant suggests that they specialise in wontons and also pho, dividing their menu into both Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines. As far as Vietnamese is concerned, their section features pho, spring rolls and banh mi. The pho bo is of fairly good portion and it comes with beef slices and beef meatballs with a plate of fresh cilantro, basil leaves and beansprouts on the side. Who can resist such a wholesomeness bowl of pho?

? 12, Jalan Lazat 2, Taman Bukit Indah, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

? 10am – 10pm (Closed on Wednesday)

10 Best Vietnamese Places In KL & PJ For You To Chow Down On

What do you think about our list? Hopefully, we manage to cover all the good spots, let us know if we’ve missed any in the comment section. You should totally give Vietnamese cuisine a shot because they’re pretty legit and apparently healthy too!

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