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10 Incredible Youtube Channels To Help You Stay In Trend For Food, Crafts And More

As we approach the end of our second week into the MCO, we know most of you have been doing a great job by staying at home. While some of us might be working and others taking an attempt on new recipes, we do have to admit that there are times where we start to get bored. But that’s not to worry because we’ve curated a list of 10 incredible Youtube channels to help you stay in trend for food, crafts and more!


10 Incredible Youtube Channels That Will Help You Stay In Trend For Food, Crafts And More

1. Tasty

With food videos that reach an astonishing 21 million views, this is a channel to get you inspired in the kitchen. If you’re seeking something delicious, creative and worth the ‘Gram, then Tasty needs to be in your must-watch list. What’s better is that they’ve even categorised their videos into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts and Snacks playlists. Just to make things easier for you!

Subscribers: 17.8 Million

Link(s): Tasty

2. Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link is no stranger for internet stardom who seeks some laughter. Creating videos such as exploring new products, trends, eating unbelievable things, trying out experiments in funny ways to their ‘Will it?’ challenges, it will definitely keep you accompanied with waves of laughter for hours.

Subscribers: 16.3 Million

Link(s): Good Mythical Morning


3. Gabie Kook

Gabie Kook is one of our favourite channels to learn food recipes. If you haven’t heard of Gabie before, she’s actually a chef who won 2nd place in MasterChef Korea back in 2014. With her recipes ranging from simple one-pan Rose Pasta to the recently trending Dalgona Coffee, you’ll definitely be one of the fastest to know trendy food recipes!

Subscribers: 1.2 Million


Link(s): Gabie Kook

4. 5-Minute Crafts

Boredom can make your day seem very long. That’s why we recommend doing creative DIY and crafts! If you ask us a Youtube channel that’s doing a great job at this, it has got to be 5-Minute Crafts. Featuring videos that include fun ideas that extend from ’22 Creative Ideas For Your Gadget’ to ’22 Magical DIY Soap Ideas’, you’ll never run out of things to do!


Subscribers: 65.5 Million

Link(s): 5-Minute Crafts

5. Eater

Eater is a channel that features famous chefs who are masters in their field. It’s a place that brings you exclusive access to behind the scenes of how restaurants prepare their dishes and how chefs run their restaurants. Moreover, Eater has hundreds of episodes and new series. Perfect for binge-watching!

Subscribers: 2.02 Million

Link(s): Eater

6. The Try Guys

Featuring 4 guys that are willing to cross beyond the borders to try new things, the videos on The Try Guys take comedic twists on these challenges. With viral videos ranging from baking pies without a recipe to eating everything at KFC, it’s both funny and satisfying to watch! So if you’re seeking a little laugh, this is a good channel to start with!

Subscribers: 7.07 Million

Link(s): The Try Guys

7. 李子柒 Liziqi

Li Ziqi is a Chinese food and country-life blogger. Known for creating food and handicrafts in her hometown of Sichuan, her videos often start from basic ingredients and tools. With her most viral videos on Youtube that have gained 50 million views, you’ll be surprised by how relaxing her videos are to watch! Not to mention, you’ll also learn some amazing skills from her too!

Subscribers: 9.38 Million

Link(s): 李子柒 Liziqi

8. LaurDIY

Another creative DIY channel that you can’t miss out on is undoubtedly LaurDIY. Using her artistic skills to recreate trendy T-shirts and expensive celebrity styles, it seems like we can turn any unused shirts in our closets into a fashionable one. So, are you ready to dig up old clothes for this?

Subscribers: 8.93 Million

Link(s): LaurDIY

9. Bon Appétit

Started as a magazine firm in the United States, Bon Appétit consists of a group of chefs that want to share more love for food. Sharing their recipes and cooking tips in interesting ways, this is a channel for you to attempt new challenges in the kitchen. Additionally, if you don’t know where to start watching, we recommend their most popular ‘Gourmet Makes’ playlist!

Subscribers: 5.53 Million

Link(s): Bon Appétit

10. HiHo Kids

If you miss cute kids and some sort of craziness, Hiho Kids are definitely going to bring up some smiles on your face. Featuring little kids who attempt to try unusual foods, meet people with unique occupations or life stories and more, it’s also a great channel that bonds people together. Additionally, their videos are not scripted. So don’t be surprised by their cute questions!

Subscribers: 3.85 Million

Link(s): Hiho Kids

Which Youtube Channel Will You Be Watching For The Next 2 Weeks?

As the MCO extends for another two weeks until 15th April 2020, that gives us more free time to relax our minds. So why not take this period to subscribe to some Youtube channels that help you stay in trend? Be it for food, crafts or pranks. Anyways, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list and do let us know in the comment box below for your recommendations!

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