10 Yummy Eats You Need To Check Out At 163 Retail Park

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With the start of another brand new month, you know what that means! It means new food adventures, more amazing experiences and such. So, don’t hold back and let September offer you everything good it has! We’ve lessened your burden by compiling all the yummy eats of 163 Retail Park into this easily accessible listicle which you can refer to, so here comes the Saturday/Sunday food adventure!


10 Yummy Eats You Need To Check Out At 163 Retail Park


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retail 163 park restaurants
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For our first guest on the list, let’s take a plane to Italy, the home to the bootiful creation that is none other than pizza! Thin and crispy crusts make a good pizza, and that’s how they do it in the house. Moreover, they too have pizzas made especially for vegetarians, how thoughtful!

 ? 1F-17, First Floor

2. The Fish Bowl

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Did you know that poke bowl originated from none other than Hawaii? It’s actually a traditional Hawaiian dish that combines together the ingredients of raw tuna with salt, candlenuts, and seaweed. Over here, you can enjoy custom-making your very own poke bowl, choosing from over 20 freshest ingredients. A change from the usual oily and unhealthy food!

LG1-07B, Lower Ground Floor

3. Nutmeg

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Breakfast for champs served here, so come over right now if you’re one! You’d totally dig the soft scrambled eggs, meaty sausages and also not forgetting, yummy salmon slices which totally up their game to the next level. Only good mornings here!

LG1-01, Lower Ground Floor

4. Fei Fan Hotpot

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Score yourself a delicious mala hotpot at a super reasonable price, giving you a run for your money. Moreover, the selection when it comes to the ingredients is impressive enough to make you want to drop by and say hi. Unlimited choices of meat dishes and vegetables up for grabs here!


1F-09, First Floor

5. Stuff’d

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Up next, bringing you on a tour to Mexico. Using only the most genuine and freshest of ingredients for their burritos has set them apart from their competitors. Expect to be blown away by the perfect mix of everything with the best sauces!

LG1-25, Lower Ground Floor


6. The Brew House

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One cannot simply not talk about the cold draft beer that The Brew House has to offer. But, did you know that they serve really good main dishes to go with their beers as well? Not only it’s generously portioned but also delicious to boot. Honestly, what else can you ask for?

GF-09, Ground Floor

7. Madam Kwan’s

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Serving Malaysian cuisines with a little touch of sparkles, magic and everything nice. Truly, nothing feels more like home than dining at Madam Kwan’s. Realest touch of hominess can be found within every dish. Do remember to try out their nasi lemak for the utmost satisfaction!


GF-01, Ground Floor

8. The Social

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Priding themselves on good food and friendly service, their customers are welcomed with the warmest greetings and smiles. Finding a good dish here is not hard at all since all of them are equally delightful. Personally, we’d love you to try out their char kway teow! Mmmmm, sedap giler.

GF-17, Ground Floor

9. Paradise Dynasty

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Ever seen anything as cute as their rainbow-coloured xiu long baos? We bet you haven’t or maybe you did. But, have you ever tried them before? If not, then this is the place to head to. They got exceptional texture when it comes to the outside while the inside’s stuffed with very flavourful ingredients. Do you know what’s the best part? They’re all made up of different flavours like – green for ginseng, Szechuan for red and the list goes on.

1F-19, First Floor


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Ending the listicle with a dessert spot seems like the most correct thing to do, so here we go. A little shaved ice to counter the ridiculous heat of Malaysia doesn’t sound like a bad idea right. Come to KAKIYUKI where you can get the best shaved ice in town, with flavours like uji matcha, watermelon and unique seasonal flavours waiting for you.

GF-05, Ground Floor

10 Yummy Eats You Need To Check Out At 163 Retail Park

Tell us about your food adventure at 163 Retail Park and feel free to dm us if we’ve missed out on any of your favourite spots. For more interesting food adventures, remember to follow us on all our social media accounts! Till next time!

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