5 Tips To Get You Ready And Safe For Your Next Food Adventure

It has been weeks since our government has lifted the travel ban and at the same time, announced more relaxed regulations. With that said, life is beginning to kickstart once again. As true foodies, this simply means MORE FOOD TRIPS and finally being able to dine-in at your favourite restaurants. Before you start packing for your exciting culinary adventure, here are 5 handy tips to keep you safe.


Simple Tips To Keep You Safe In This New Normal

Although more relaxations are in place, here’s a friendly reminder that the daily cases in Malaysia are still high. Although vaccines will help to reduce the severity of symptoms, this does not mean we are fully protected from the virus. This is the reason why we must strictly abide by the SOPs.

At the same time, we must also be responsible for our own safety. To start, here are 5 tips from us that will give you peace of mind before you embark on a food trip.

1. Avoid over-crowded places

The very first tip to enjoy a worry-free food trip is to avoid places that are overcrowded. This is because droplet-borne illnesses such as COVID-19 have a higher chance to spread among the community in close quarters.  It is important to keep in mind physical distancing from others around you. For starters, a 1 or 2-meter distancing from other patrons in the restaurant is highly recommended.

2. Carry a hand sanitizer at all times

In our constant battle with the pandemic, let’s all live by the saying: Clean hands save lives. While out on your food trip, we tend to touch things around us and we all know that soap and water aren’t readily available. So, having a hand sanitizer to is the best option to avoid transmission of diseases via our hands.

3. Always keep your face mask on

The third tip we have for you is to always keep your face mask on and only remove it when food is served. When you remove your mask, it is also advisable to store it in a separate bag instead of leaving it out open on the table. Once you’re done enjoying your food, immediately put on your face mask.


4. Opt for cashless transactions

Next up, when you’re out and about on your culinary adventure, try your best to go cashless. Use any e-wallet services like Touch ‘n Go, GrabPay, Maybank Scan & Pay, and many more for transactions. This will keep you safer as you decrease physical cash exchange.

5. Keep your immune system healthy

Redoxon Triple Action
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Our immune system plays an important role to ensure we are healthy and less susceptible to falling sick. To do this, we have to regulate sufficient Vitamins intake and we recommend the Redoxon Triple Action.


With a new formula and 3 benefits in 1 tablet, the Redoxon Triple Action has Vitamin C, Zinc and is enhanced with Vitamin D for our body’s immune support function. This will help our body build a stronger natural defense against the challenging environment. 

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Prioritize A Strong Immune System With The Redoxon Triple Action

All in all, as we kickstart a new normal once again, our health should always be of the utmost importance. Follow the 5 simple steps we’ve listed above and you’ll have a worry-free food trip. #JomReady for the New Normal with healthy immunity, with daily intake of Redoxon Triple Action! Take care, foodies!

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