6 Solid Reasons Why Spritzer Is The 1st Choice Of Bottled Water For Malaysians

It is scorching hot outside. You feel dehydrated. You want to quench your thirst. But, you don’t have a water tumbler with you. What’s the first thing that comes into mind? Head down to the nearest convenience store to get a bottle of water. With so many brands available, how do you ensure that you made the right purchase? This article will help you to make the right choice for yourself, and Mother Nature, too!


Spritzer Is The 1st Choice For Bottled Water

1. Lightweight bottles made with 35% less plastic

Photo: Spritzer

Did you know that Malaysia is part of the list of the highest plastic polluters in the world? We discard as much as 940 tonnes annually. Unfortunately, this is not a list that we should proudly be on. Spritzer, Malaysia’s leading bottled water manufacturer, is here to make a change. Spritzer’s bottles are lightweight and made with 35% less plastic.

2. Easy Twist & Save 57% Of Recycling Space

Another burning issue is the lack of recycling space. Have you ever seen a recycling bin completely overflowing with items? Surely, it is not a sight to behold. To encourage recycling, Spritzer bottles can be easily twisted, and it helps to save 57% recycling space. You heard that right, with Spritzer, you can get superior quality mineral water in better packaging that promotes recycling.

3. First-Ever Plant-Based Bottles In Malaysia

Photo: Spritzer

Have you ever heard of plant-based diet? Plant-based meat alternatives are better for the environment, as it requires less water and land. You will be happy to know that plant-based bottles exist, too. In fact, Spritzer is the first-ever to introduce plant-based bottles in the country. Support the environment by bringing home Acilis by Spritzer. The first-ever plant-based bottles will help to reduce carbon footprint by approximately 30%.

4. Using PET materials in packaging

No, we’re not talking about domestic animals. Unfamiliar with the term? PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate. Widely used in the industry due to hygiene purposes, it ensures the quality of the food and beverage. It is microorganism resistant, and non-reactive to the products. Spritzer bottles are 100% PET including the bottle label, making it highly sustainable and giving it a second life!

5. Spritzer Drinking Water In Tetrapak Packaging

Photo: Spritzer

Bored of the same old packaging? There’s something new on the shelf. Introducing the latest Tetrapak packaging, the box-shaped packaging is so cool, even the cap is made out of sugarcane. The entire packaging is absolutely renewable and recyclable, two magic words that Mother Nature will certainly approve of. The packaging has multi-layers, so rest assured on the protection.

6. Recyclable Water Bottles

We have said it many times, but we’re going to say it once again. Spritzer Natural Mineral Water bottles are 100% recyclable, and the brand has made it easy for you to recycle, too. Once you’re done drinking, just give it an easy twist before popping the bottle into a recycling bin. You’re done! With these simple steps, you’re helping to conserve the environment for future generations.

Besides that, Acilis by Spritzer and Spritzer Drinking Water in Tetrapak packaging is also recyclable. Remember to throw them into the correct recycling bins!


Helping The Environment, One Step At A Time.

There are so many ways that we can save the environment, and this is just one of the many methods. We are applauding Spritzer for taking these steps to conserve the environment, as part of its sustainability program. For more information, check out Spritzer’s official website. What are the steps that you take to make the world a better place? Let us know in the comments!

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