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This Spot In PJ Run By 28-Year-Old Penangite Serves Flavourful Pork Noodles With Generous Portions

The ideal noodle soup should consist of three things- flavoursome broth, bouncy noodles, and abundance of meat. It should bring back nostalgic memories with your family, gathered around a table with steaming bowls of comfort. Well, this restaurant in PJ manages to fulfil these aspects, making it the current hotspot for pork noodle lovers!


66 Chu Yuk Fun Is Where You Go For Delicious Pork Noodles

Located in Taman Megah, 66 Chu Yuk Fun is the brainchild of Penangite Sky Wong. He opened the restaurant in 2018 at just 28 years old, after noticing that pork noodles in Klang Valley had a sweeter-tasting broth. This was unusual to him, as he grew up with “cleaner” broth flavours and wanted to introduce this to locals.

66 Chu Yuk Fun

Business certainly runs in his family, as they used to sell food at his village in Bukit Mertajam. When his mother opened a noodle stall in PJ, Sky managed to adopt a few skills from her before going on his own path.

At 66 Chu Yuk Fun, customers will find a simple but sufficient menu filled with hearty flavours. We tried their best-selling Pork Noodles that come in four varieties: Soup, Dry, All-in or with Egg.

66 Chu Yuk Fun pork noodles

The broth itself is sumptuous yet refreshing- made with chicken and pork. It’s light and indeed “clean”, with tender sweetness seeping through from the pork bones. There are small and large portions available but even the small bowl was generous!


It comes with a great amount of pork slices, minced pork, liver, intestine, vegetables and lard. You may opt for a bowl with extra meat (All-in) or without liver and intestine too. There are seven types of noodles to choose from too, but we recommend Lo Shu Fun (rat-tail noodle)!

Apart from that, there’s a chilli station where you can add sambal, cili padi, fried garlic and herbs to your dish!


Other dishes include Fish Paste Noodles, Bittergourd Noodles, and Chinese Herbal Mee Sua.


Quick & Yummy Noodles In Taman Megah

66 Chu Yuk Fun

A great thing about this restaurant is that the tables are well-spaced out, and there’s also air-conditioning to cool you down as you devour the warm bowls of soup.

We can see why this place is doing so well- try it for yourself with your friends and family and enjoy foodies!

66 Chu Yuk Fun

Address: 11, Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

Opening Hours: 8am-8.45pm (Daily)

Contact: 012-5332166

Status: Non-Halal

Link(s): Facebook

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