8 Reasons Why We Can’t Have Any More MCO

Not again!

How are you doing friends? With the recent spike of Covid-19 cases, a very troublesome question immediately came to our mind; are we going to have another Movement Control Order (MCO)? Frankly, none of us want this to happen but it is obvious that we might have gotten a little bit too carried away with our ‘freedom’.


8 Reasons Why Another MCO Is The Last Thing We Want

In the past two weeks, Malaysia has once again reached double digits for new Covid-19 cases. The tension increases when a few individuals wearing pink bracelets were seen walking casually in public instead of being in quarantine. After 3 months of constant battle with the virus, we were on the verge of making a breakthrough but have you ever thought of what might happen if the government decided to reimpose MCO?

1. Billions Of Money Loss

MCO aid
Photo: @beritaharian

Although the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are working hand in hand with the government to support the nation. We can only go so far with the funds. Said by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in one of his press conferences, the country has suffered from RM63 billion losses during the first two months of MCO. So to have another round of this hullabaloo is out of the question.

2. Surviving Businesses May Face Bankruptcy

Permanently Closed business MCO
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There were hardly many businesses that could continue its operation during the MCO. Tourist players, food and beverage industry, sports, all of them are only starting to get back to their own feet. So the result of reinforcing MCO is pretty self-explanatory. Which will lead to our third and most disturbing issue; an increase in the unemployment rate.

3. Increase In Unemployment Rate

Now, not only do the newly graduated students have to fight for a job among themselves, but they are also facing fearsome battles against veterans who also became jobless over the course of 3 months. That goes without saying that losing a stable source of income is the main factor for people to lose almost everything else. According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), there were 610,500 people without any job as of March 2020. Obviously this will only be made worst if we were to face a second wave of MCO.


4. A Setback On Malaysia’s Education System

Sure we can use social media as an alternative for lessons and classes but honestly, it isn’t as effective as being in a physical class. This lack of human touch decreases moral awareness. Not to mention that we even have to delay our Public Exams such as PT3 and SPM till next year! Well, break a leg kids!


5. More People Becoming Obese

malaysia Obesity due to mco

Only a handful of people can stay fit in their own house. With little mobility and a whole lot of snack breaks, let’s be honest, exercising just doesn’t work out. Even before the MCO, WHO announced that Malaysia has the highest rate of obesity among adults in South-East Asia (SEA) at 15.6 percent, followed by Brunei (14.1 percent), and Thailand (10.0 percent). Haih, if only we could donate some of these spare tires.

6. Decaying Mental Health

Mental Health During MCO
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Research shows that being cooped up will certainly take a toll on your mental health. A lot of people became abusive and commit suicide during the lockdown period. Extroverts are obviously the ones that were badly affected by this situation. In research reported by Malay Mail, almost half of Malaysian experiencing negative mental well-being during the MCO, with different levels of severity.


7. Rise Of Pet Abandonment Cases

pet abandonment MCO
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The MCO has brought out the ugly side of our people. Reported by Malaysia Animal Association who feed strays routinely, the number of strays tripled during the MCO and most of the newcomers were still clean and in good health. Some even still wear collars and were left in remote areas!

8. Jeopardizing Malaysia’s Reputation As A safe Country

Safety Covid-19 ranking
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After 3 months of struggling, Malaysia was able to climb into the limelight for being one of the safest countries in the world. Thanks to the great leadership of our government not to mention nationwide teamwork from each individual. However, to reimpose a second MCO will obviously strip away this great achievement. So please my friends, behave.

History Should Not Repeat Itself

Of course, we are only human prone to make mistakes, let us remind each other how important it is to do this together and make it a point that we seriously don’t want to go through the same hardship. Wear your mask in public and practice the new norm as much as you can. We can do this, guys!

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