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8 Traditions And Customs You Should Know For Chinese New Year 2023

Chinese New Year 2023 may be much closer than usual, but we are not complaining! It’s that time of the year again when we get to spend quality time with our family, surrounded by Chinese New Year wishes, songs and good food. There will also be the customary preparations required for this yearly celebration, including traditions that cannot be skipped.


Each of these customs carries symbolism that aims to bring prosperity and luck into the new year. Are you familiar with all of them? Prove yourself to be a true Chinese by incorporating all these traditions into your Chinese New Year celebration this year!

Traditions To Follow This Chinese New Year 2023

1. Get Your Home CNY-Ready

Spring cleaning is a Chinese New Year tradition

Let’s start with the first significant step: cleaning out your house. Yes, we do not deny the tediousness of this task but its outcome brings more than just cleanliness. House cleaning before Chinese New Year is said to force out the bad luck you garnered in the past year so you can have more room for good wishes. If you’re not the superstitious type, you can still take this time to clean up your space to prepare for the upcoming visits of friends and family.

2. Decorate Your House With Red

Decorate your house with red this Chinese New year 2023

Embrace the festive spirit by adorning your house with red decorations! This tradition can be easily done right after your spring cleaning. Fun fact: the Chinese community views the colour ‘red’ as auspicious, so having more ‘red’ near you is bound to attract good luck and prosperity. Therefore, you can normally see a lot of ruddiness at this time of the year in shops and public places.

Chinese New Year decorations come in many forms, but the most common ones are red lanterns, paper cuttings, and dui lian (door couplets). Some of these are very easy to DIY, and creating them with families makes great bonding sessions.

3. Lay Out Snacks And Drinks For Your Relatives

chinese new year snacks


Before your aunties and uncles come over, do remember to lay out a nice spread of CNY snacks and drinks on the coffee table. We’re pretty sure that they will be asking you tons of questions so it may not be a bad idea to have some snacks nearby to energise you. Plus, you can offer your folks some thirst-quenching drinks to beat the CNY heat.

Enjoy the Chinese New Year snacks and cookies with your relatives

If you’re planning to leave alcohol out of this, then Somersby Apple 0.0 may be a good choice for such occasions. Served with ice, this non-alcoholic natural apple-flavoured sparkling drink will surely refresh the body and mind with its bubbly fruity notes. You can enjoy this bubbly cold drink with your little cousins too!


4. Visit Your Family And Relatives

Gift a Somersby Apple 0.0 to your relatives

If your relatives have trouble visiting you, then you can go to them. Visiting your family on Chinese New Year is a good way to wish them well and catch up on each other’s lives. Normally, gifts and presents such as hampers, a box of mandarin oranges or CNY cookies are expected during these visits, so be sure to prepare one along the way. Besides, these gifts will definitely put a smile on your uncles’ and aunties’ faces!

5. Handing Out Red Envelopes To Youngsters

Chinese New Year red envelopes


One of the few things that make the little ones go wild is angpau (red envelopes)! Giving out red envelopes is a form of sending good wishes to the recipients, which symbolises wishing them a year of happiness and riches. Despite the usual norm of only married couples giving red envelopes, single people can also distribute them to show their gratitude for the past year. So start giving one to your parents this Chinese New Year 2023!

6. Reunion Dinner For Chinese New Year 2023

CNY reunion dinner

Perhaps the most important tradition of them all, the reunion dinner is a get-together meal where all family members sit around a table to talk and enjoy a good meal. Sons and daughters who have ventured far are expected to return to their hometowns for this significant event. The dinner takes place on Chinese New Year’s Eve or the first day so that the entire family could welcome the new year together.

Reunion dinner with Somersby Apple 0.0

In recent years, the Chinese would make Poon Choi, Buddha Jump Over The Wall or an abundance feast of steamboat for the dinner. This year, you can make your reunion dinner extra memorable with the refreshing, non-alcoholic taste of Somersby Apple 0.0, which can be paired with any kind of cuisine. Pour the fizzy drink over a glass of ice for the best taste, and enjoy this fruity delight without having to endure the effects of alcohol

7. Play Firecrackers With The Little Ones

Chinese New Year firecrackers

Another proud tradition of the Chinese community is lighting up firecrackers. Although the sounds may be deafening, firecrackers symbolise strong forces that can scare off evil spirits and bad luck. Not to mention, the youngsters in the house will have fun with it! Get ready to chase away all misfortunes with the colourful sparks of the booming firecrackers this Chinese New year 2023. Just remember to be thoughtful towards your neighbours and clean up right afterwards.

8. Celebrate Chinese New Year 2023 With Dragon And Lion Dances

Lion dance CNY

Furthermore, watch the underappreciated art of the Chinese dragon and lion dances, where a troupe of dancers would use lion and dragon costumes to mimic the movements of these two animals. They are widely performed on joyous occasions including Chinese New Year, Lantern Festivals and grand openings to bring prosperity and happiness. If you come across a performance, don’t be afraid to stay and enjoy as they tend to be really entertaining to watch. 

Make New Traditions With Somersby Apple 0.0 This Chinese New Year 2023

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Enjoy a can of refreshing, non-alcoholic Somersby Apple 0.0

Chinese New Year is a time to be with family, so it is important to spend the days with the people whom you love. Let these wonderful CNY traditions revitalise your year, just like how Somersby Apple 0.0 revitalises your tastebuds. Happy Chinese New Year!

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