All Restaurants And Convenience Stores Are Allowed To Open Until 2AM


  • All Restaurants And Convenience Stores Are Allowed To Open Until 2AM.
  • This starts on 11th September 2020.
  • Foreigners are now allowed to pray in mosques.

Hello, friends! Since the announcement of the extension of RMCO until 31st December, many people have been saddened by the news. While the majority are sad about the traveling ban, some are actually missing the supper nights. If you’re indeed agreeing to the latter, then you’ll be excited to know that the government just announced that all restaurants and convenience stores are allowed to open until 2AM!

Restaurants And Convenience Stores Allowed To Open Until 2AM

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Let’s admit, we Malaysians love midnight snacking. It’s no wonder why Mamak stalls are always full of people even if the clock has already hit 12 midnight. While MCO had previously allowed all restaurants and convenience stores to open until 12AM, the government is now allowing these places to operate until 2AM starting from 11th September 2020!

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COVID-19 cases have seen a strikingly high number recording up to 100 cases just a few days ago. While the majority of confirmed cases are from Sabah, it’s definitely not a time to lower your guard yet. So, don’t forget to continue scanning those QR codes and get your temperature noted. Additionally, you’ve got to maintain that social distance too.

Foreigners Are Now Allowed To Pray In Mosques

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On top of the news, the government is now allowing foreigners to enter and pray in local mosques too. While the previous announcement address only locals can pray in mosques, starting tomorrow, foreigners can too! But after all, don’t forget to comply with the limited numbers of people in the mosque at a time! Anyways, we hope everyone stays safe and see you in the next post!

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