The FIRST Virtual Credit Card Is Now Available In Malaysia & It Will Change Your Life

It comes as no surprise that everything around us has gone digital now. Whether it’s your wallet, shopping or even learning experiences, it’s safe to say – everything is better virtual! Make way for a brand new life-changing virtual experience that you can’t miss out. 


Alliance Bank Launches The First Virtual Credit Card In Malaysia

Introducing Malaysia’s first-ever Virtual Credit Card (VCC) by Alliance Bank. It’s similar to a physical credit card, but exist only in a virtual form. Of course, this VCC can do so much more than your normal credit card!

How Does the Virtual Credit Card Differ From a Physical One

1. Dynamic Card Number

A Dynamic Card Number (also known as DCN) is where a random 16-digit card number is generated to be used immediately. This is perfect for transactions on all your favourite e-commerce platforms! The random generated  16-digit number changes every 30 minutes for security purposes.

2. One-Time Card Number

Generate your Dynamic Card Number for one-time use. Simply copy and paste the generated 16-digit number onto any e-commerce platforms you’re shopping at, and it will automatically be cancelled after the usage of that number. Or it will only stay on for a maximum of 30 minutes before it expires.

3. Subscription Card

Besides that, simply create a Dynamic Card Number for all your subscriptions, from Netflix to Spotify and more! Have the freedom to set your own limit and expiry date for every bill – a safety feature which gives you the ultimate control.

4. Freeze & Unfreeze Card

Notice any irregular transactions on your virtual credit card? All you need to do now is freeze it on your allianceonline mobile app (AOM) when that happens. No further transactions will be made after that. Easily unfreeze the card whenever you like. It’s a safe, smart and simple way to manage your credit card!


5. Customise Your Card

Have fun and easily customise your card to your liking. Choose the colour and pattern based on your preference to differentiate the cards! Set each card for different purposes, subscriptions or just based on your mood.


Here’s Why the Dynamic Card Number is Important

Safety – Your real card number is not being exposed to anyone or any platform when you transact. That’s because the random 16-digit number is only generated when you need it.

Take full control with your cardWhen you generate a 16-digit card number into any subscription platform or e-billing, you can set your own desired spending limit AND expiry date to control the transaction charged into your card.

Convenience – You can just copy and paste the 16-digit card number from your phone onto any e-commerce check out page, without pulling out a physical plastic credit card when you transact.


Simple Steps to Apply For Your Very First Virtual Credit Card

1. Download allianceonline mobile app (AOM) at Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Tap on Virtual Credit Card (VCC) icon at the top right of AOM login page.

3. Proceed with the VCC application by providing personal and income details, taking a photo of your Identity Card (front and back), and uploading an EPF statement or proof of income.

4. You will receive the push notification app and SMS notification once the application is approved or rejected.

Change Up Your Life with Alliance Bank’s Latest Virtual Credit Card

Excited to turn your ways of using credit card around with this latest virtual credit card from Alliance Bank? It’s the Smart Credit Card for Smart People. It’s not only so much safer but also highly customisable. Pssst…there’s no annual fee too! Intrigued to find out more? Head on over here to find out more!

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