This Unique ChocoJar-Inspired Donuts Overflowing W/ Crunchy Chocolate Balls Is Perfect For Chocoholics

Attention all chocoholics!

Bored of your usual chocolate desserts? It’s time to take your chocolate cravings up a notch with these Chocolate Festival Donuts by Big Apple Donuts & Coffee! We’re bringing you these incredibly decadent chocolate donuts overflowing with chocolate balls and more.


These Chocolate Festival Donuts Are Perfect For The Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee introduces the most decadent chocolate donuts ever! This Malaysian homegrown donuts brand is no stranger to rolling out new donut flavours and this time – it’s for all the chocoholics out there. So prepare to sink your teeth into four NEW Choco Festival Donuts that have every chocolate lover squealing in excitement.

One Of A Kind Chocojar Donuts

Love digging into spoonfuls of Choco Jar at home? Then, the Chocojar Donuts will not disappoint you. Everything is made from chocolate! From its chocolate dough to overflowing crispy, crunchy Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate balls. Not only is it a unique combo of everyone’s favourite Choco Jar and donuts, but it will leave you craving for more! It’s the perfect chocolate indulgent treat on the go.


Chocolate Donuts

Beside that, pile on more chocolate to your cravings with these Chocolate Donuts. The Choco Dolly and Choco Holly donuts take your usual chocolate donuts to the next level. Special chocolate dough is filled with light cream and topped with your choice of white or dark chocolate on top.


Take Your Love For Chocolate To The Next Level With Big Apple Donuts Today

Who can ever resist having melt-in-your-mouth chocolate donuts? We know we can’t! So go on and get your chocolate cravings fixed with some Choco Festival Donuts at Big Apple Donuts today. Available from 14th February 2022 onwards, don’t miss out on these! Enjoy, foodies.

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