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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Bookstore That Never Sleeps

From the title of the article, you know that we’re not talking about any ordinary bookstore in Malaysia. We are talking about something so big — it’s out of this world. We’re kidding, it is tucked in Cyberjaya. If you’re thinking that Cyberjaya is too far away, trust us when we say that BookXcess at Tamarind Square is worth every mile. Here are just some of the reasons why!


10 Reasons Why You Should Visit BookXcess At Tamarind Square

1. Open for 24 hours, all day every day.

BookXcess at Tamarind Square is the only bookstore in the entirety of Malaysia that is open for 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday. If you love the idea of stepping into a bookstore at 2.00 a.m. in the morning to find the perfect book (or, books, if you have no self-control like us), then head down to Cyberjaya in the wee hours. It will be just you and the books, and nothing in between!

2. All the books are super affordable

Step into any bookstore located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and you will notice that the prices are pretty high. Prices start at RM 39.90 for a softcover book! Luckily for the all of us, books on any BookXcess shelf are super affordable. Selling price is always 50-80% off the recommended retail price for new books. Yes, all the books are new and you will have the pleasure of peeling off the plastic wrapping!

3. More than half a million books to uncover

There are many BookXcess bookstores scattered around Klang Valley. There’s one in Amcorp Mall, Fahrenheit88, The Starling, and SS15 Courtyard. We bet that they don’t have half a million books! Being the biggest BookXcess bookstore in Malaysia, you will find very many different titles — from fiction, non-fiction, to even children’s activity books!

4. Books are perfectly compartmentalised


It can be extremely frustrating when you try to find a book, but to no avail. Some bookstores can be very disorganised, unlike this one. After all, with over 500,000 books, there needs to be a system! Books in BookXcess are perfectly compartmentalised. Find bestsellers, graphic novels, and different genre of books easily. Can’t find it? There’s a help counter too!

5. Brand-new books are restocked every month

If you think that BookXcess’s books are always the same, then we are here to tell you otherwise. Turns out, the selection of books available is refreshed every single month! There will always be brand new titles, authors, and genres for you to discover. If you want to know the brand new books available, you can sign up to be a member. By the way, did you know that members get extra discounts?


6. More than just books.

Apart from a truckload worth of books, there are non-book items too! Find the iconic pop art of your favourite book, movie, and television characters. We bet that you have seen them before with it being plastered all over Instagram. Decorative items, educational supplies, games, toys, puzzles, and stationary are also available right here. Sounds like the perfect spot to get children some gifts!

7. Comfortable reading and working area.


If you can’t wait to go home and start reading your brand-new books, you can do it right here too! BookXcess is so spacious, they even have a designated spot for you to read, and even work on some projects with your buddies! Even though it gets a little busy in the afternoon, there are still enough long tables and cubicles to bury your noses in their books.

8. In-house cafe for your caffeine fix.

There’s more than just books. You can get your caffeine fix right here too! We strongly believe that a good cup of coffee and a good book should always go hand-in-hand. Known as Café Wolf, the in-house cafe serves classic choices of coffee, prepared by baristas with years of experience under their belt. Looking for that latte art for an Instagram post? You got it! Oh, there’s a selection of delectable cakes to be had, too.

9. As always, it is Instagram-worthy.

The number of Instagram photos in bookstores and libraries is rising in 2019. Have you seen the photographs taken by @taramilktea at The Starfield Library located in Seoul? It’s lit! There so many different sections at BookXcess, we bet that you will find one spot that fits your #ootd. Personally, we love taking photographs along bookshelves to create illusions.

10. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Photo: @tamarind.square (Instagram)

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city is definitely a very good reason to visit Tamarind Square in general. Unlike the huge shopping malls scattered around Klang Valley, Tamarind Square is less crowded, and greener too! With that said, it is definitely a perfect weekend get-away to find the perfect books, and get some groceries along the way. There’s a Village Grocer tucked in Tamarind Square too!

The Bookstores That Never Sleeps

Photo: @bookxcess (Instagram)

Ever since the opening of BookXcess at Tamarind Square, it has been making a buzz on the internet. Giant media companies such as the World Economic Forum even made a video all about it! If you haven’t visited it yet, we hope that we have given you enough reasons to get yourself hopping to Cyberjaya. Time to start tagging your friends! Or, visit it all by yourself. Ah, relaxing.

Address: L3M-04, Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 10, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 24 hours.

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