Buka Puasa With Local Delicacies From Award-Winning Restaurant, PIETRO

Hello Foodies! The season of Ramadan is upon us. It’s a time of prayer, devotion and also, a celebration of good food with your closest ones. With that being said, award-winning restaurant PIETRO at Damansara Heights, have put together a special Ramadan menu that features local favourites such as Chilli Crab, Lamb Shank Biryani, Fish Head Curry and more!


Here’s What You Can Get From PIETRO’s Ramadan Menu

Juwahir Mustafa, or Chef Ell, is the man behind the PIETRO’s delicious food that has garnered many loyal customers. Having won numerous awards throughout his journey as a chef, he has now curated an extensive Buka-Puasa menu that will be available from 24th April till 31st May 2020.


Here are some of the local signatures that you can get from PIETRO:


1. Chilli Crab With Mantou

Photo: Malay Mail

First up, we have the dish that put PIETRO’s local cuisine on the map – Chilli Crab. It comes with mud crabs coated with a blend of sweet and savoury red chilli and tomato gravy, served with crispy and fluffy mantou. The mantou is best eaten when soaked in the thick sauce!

2. Daging Rendang (Beef)

Photo: Malay Mail

There are many must-eat dishes during Ramadan, but one that tops the list is none other than the classic Malaysian favourite, Daging Rendang. It is a dish prepared by simmering tender beef cubes with a variety of spices, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, grated coconut and thick coconut milk.

3. Lamb Shank Biryani

Photo: PIETRO (Facebook)

Next up on the list is the Lamb Shank Biryani. It is a tender leg of lamb served on a bed of fluffy, aromatic rice that is cooked so well you could eat it on its own. Rice lovers will enjoy this one!

4. Fish Head Curry

Photo: Malay Mail

The Fish Head Curry at PIETRO is one of the most revered dishes at the restaurant. It comes with a huge grouper fish head that is cooked in a rich curry, laden with okra (photo above shows only 1 box out of 2). Drench your rice with this vibrant curry for a satisfying buka puasa meal.

5. Grilled Squid (Sotong Bakar)

Photo: @pietrodamansara (Instagram)

Another dish you can order to add a flavourful bite to your meal is the Grilled Squid. It is a whole squid that is marinated in herbs, cut up into thick-sized bites and served with a spicy tamarind juice!

6. Percik Spring Chicken

Photo: Malay Mail

Finally, another classic Ramadan dish on the buka puasa menu is none other than the Ayam Percik. PIETRO’s version comes with a grilled spring chicken marinated in a creamy spiced coconut milk sauce, that caramelizes on the skin when grilled. Smokey, sweet and savoury – it is no wonder why all Malaysians love this dish!


PIETRO Will Deliver For Free Within Certain Areas

Ramadan this year will be very different from what we are used to. Thankfully however, you can order from PIETRO and have them deliver the buka puasa dishes for FREE, if you are within the area of Damansara Heights, Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara and Bangsar – with a minimum order of RM200.

There will be delivery charges outside these areas.

To order, call or whatsapp them at:


Address: Ground Floor, Bangunan ECM Libra, 8, Jalan Damansara Endah, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Link(s): Website, Facebook, Instagram


Photo Sources: Malay Mail

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