This Florist Has Ramly Burger Bouquet So You Don’t Need To Spend RM460 On A Burger

RM460 For One?!

Hello, friends! Pretty sure you’ve heard or seen the ‘RM460 burger’ news being widely shared on social media. Memes and jokes have been fully blasted left and right. Meanwhile, many restaurants and brands have used the opportunity to advertise their burgers and products too! If your other half is a burger lover, maybe you can get them these burger bouquets instead!

Burger Bouquets For All Burger-Loving Partners Out There

Photo: @lovemomentflorist (Facebook)

Taking creativity to a whole new level, burger lovers are going to fall in love with these unique bouquets! Immediately jumping on the bandwagon is Lovemoment Florist, who has just rolled out an all new Ramly burger bouquet that has everyone quaking with laughter. With 10 Ramly burgers attached to it, this is more than enough to feed our burger cravings! This is no joke as the florist is also known for other food related bouquets.

Photo: @lovemomentflorist (Facebook)
Photo: @koffeeling.fefeeling (Facebook)

Another well-known food bouquet known for their burgerlicous bouquets is none other than Koffeeling.Fefeeling. Pretty sure you’ve seen these amazingly wrapped bouquets of your favourite fast food burgers. They also have bouquets made from nuggets, chocolates and even fried chicken! Just name your partner’s favourite food and they’ll have it custom made for you.

Photo: @koffeeling.fefeeling (Facebook)
Photo: @koffeeling.fefeeling (Facebook)

Perfect Gifts For Your Buger-Loving Partners

There you have it! Now you don’t need to spend RM460 on a burger to win the hearts of your other half, just get these burger bouquets for them. All jokes aside, these are perfect for a friend or a loved one who’s a foodie and in need of a little pick-me-up. Let us know in the comment if you’ve received such a bouquet!

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