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Burger King Now Offers Family Value Bundle From RM20 Until End Of June

Fit For King(s)

Hello there foodies! One thing that we must all consider during CMCO is most definitely, what to eat for dinner tonight? This question gets trickier if you need to add your family members into the equation. Well, if this is a real struggle for you, then we have the answer: Burger King Family Value Bundle. Keep reading for a burgerlicious deal you won’t want to miss out on.

Burger King Family Value Bundle Now Available From Only RM20

In December 2019, Burger King celebrated its 100th outlet.  If you’re a fan of Burger King, then you’ll know that their recent comeback is packed with irresistible deals. In addition to that, all BK outlets have been revamped with a cozy interior design filled with earth tone color, plants, and brick.

Burger King Family Value Bundle
Photo: @bkMalaysia (Facebook)

Burger King is well-known for its 100% flame-grilled burgers, whereby real fire is used to grill the burger resulting in patties with a smoky aroma and juicy texture.

Burger King Family Value Bundle
Photo: @bkmalaysia (Facebook)

And, as evolution dictates growth, Burger King has unleashed its creativity by constantly releasing new menu items too. Their latest release, the Triple Cheese Series is guaranteed to leave cheese-lovers drooling. Okay, background info aside, let’s move in on the lip-smacking deal offered by Burger King.

The Burger King Family Value Bundle starts from as low as RM20 and there are 3 options in the bundle:

Burger King Family Value Bundle
Photo: JBUN3

JBUN 3: 2 Cheeseburgers  + 2 Grilled Chicken + Nuggets (5 pcs) + 2 Fries (M) + 2 Coke (M) | RM25

Burger King Family Value Bundle
Photo: JBUN1

JBUN 1: BK Tendercrisp + Fries (L) + 2 Grilled Chicken + 2 Cokes (M) | RM20

Photo: JBUN 2

JBUN 2: Cheeseburger + 2 Grilled Chicken + Nuggets (5 pcs) + Fries (M) + Coke (M) | RM20

Burger King Family Value Bundle
Photo: @bkmalaysia (Facebook)
Burger King Family Value Bundle
Picture: @bkmalaysia (Facebook)
Burger King Family Value Bundle
Photo: @bkmalaysia (Facebook)

Available From Now Till End Of June

So, depending on your preference, these Value Bundle meals will surely give you a satisfying tummy. The best part is that we can all get these filling meals from only RM20 and it’s valid until the end of June! Meals fit for kings, you guys know what’s for dinner tonight!

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Burger King Family Value Bundle

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