Burger King Rolls out 2 for RM9 Promo and It’s Super Affordably Delicious

Good day foodies, how are you? Judging from the title you might already know what we want to share with you guys. That’s right, another good deal! We just love sharing all the promotions we can gather and see you guys save a couple bucks. Happy tummy, happy life. Burger King is rolling out a super deal tomorrow, a 2 for RM9 promo and we will say, it’s really worth it.


Burger King 2 for RM9 Promo Starts Tomorrow and Here’s the Deets:

The fast food chain is getting better recently with their menu and promos and this is another one you guys shouldn’t miss out. Get any 2 burgers from the selected menu for only RM9! Choose any 2 from the four burgers available: Cheeseburger, Whopper jr, Chic n Crisp, and Fish n Crisp.

You can either share the joy with someone or, munch on both burgers, all to yourself. It’s only RM9, and you get two burgers, that’s a steal! Do take note that the promo does not include any drinks and fries, ONLY THE BURGER OKAY?

Promotion runs from 5 November (Tomorrow) until 30 November 2020, so head over to the nearest Burger King outlet and grab a couple of warm and delicious burgers. This deal is pretty solid, we bet you guys will love it.

Foodies, mark your calendar and show Burger King some love. Don’t forget to tag your buddies and let them know about this good deal. Have a great day ahead, and buh bye!

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