Everything On The Menu Of This Homey Little Eatery In Tanjung Malim Is Only RM1.70!

Say What?!

Our everyday struggles often include deciding what to eat and seeing if it fits our budget for the day. With everything having their prices hiked up these days, you’ll easily spend more than RM6 per meal, excluding drinks. It’s not out of the norm but it’s especially harder for those with a low income. But what if we told you there’s an eatery that sells all your favourite food at a fixed price at RM1.70? Yes, it’s true!

Everything You Eat Here Is Only RM1.70 At CapeCafe In Tanjung Malim

Photo: Cape Cafe (Facebook)

You’ve got to see it to believe yourself! CapeCafe, a homey little eatery in the small town of Tanjung Malim, is making huge waves with its undeniably low price. Everything you see on their menu is at a flat rate of RM1.70 only! That’s not all, you get way more than what you pay as well. With crowd-favourite dish like Nasi Ikan Tilapia Seekor – you get an entire fish to yourself!

Photo: Cape Cafe (Facebook)

CapeCafe has actually been operating since 2017. Helmed by Wan, the owner of CapeCafe, he wanted to give back to the society after working for a huge company in KL for 15 years. With a mass number of university students staying in Tanjung Malim, he decided to open an eatery that serves food students are able to afford. It then drew a bigger crowd from nearby residents as well.

Photo: Cape Cafe (Facebook)
Photo: Cape Cafe (Facebook)

Other popular options are Nasi Minyak Ayam Masak Merah, Nasi Ayam Penyet and more. They even have Western delights like chicken chop, waffles and even brownies here. And it’s all for the price of RM1.70 each plate! This is not a hidden joke nor a one-off promotion too.

Photo: Cape Cafe (Facebook)

Besides that, there’s also a huge array of Malay kuihs and dessert for you to have all day long. No, it’s not just one piece of kuih for RM1.70, but a box filled with kuihs for less than RM2! They’ve got all your favourites from karipap ayam to kuih onde-onde too.

Photo: Cape Cafe (Facebook)
Photo: Cape Cafe (Facebook)

Do You Wish There’s A RM1.70 Eatery In KL As Well?

Pretty sure everyone is wishing that there’s a RM1.70 eatery in your area as well! There’s no harm hoping for one. In the meantime, you can easily visit CapeCafe whenever you’re visiting Tanjung Malim or you’re on your way to Ipoh too. Let’s continue supporting these local businesses as much as we can!


Address: 13, Jalan Cahaya, Taman Anggerik Desa, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak.

Operating hours: (DAILY) 10:30AM – 10PM

Contact: 019-881 8480

Link(s): Facebook

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