Celebrate Your Identity with EcoWorld’s “For Generations” Campaign

It's All About Generation YOU.

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EcoWorld’s journey began 6 years ago. Today, EcoWorld is a property development group with a successful presence in Malaysia, United Kingdom and Australia. In keeping up with its vision of Creating Tomorrow & Beyond, EcoWorld strives to be more than just a regular property developer.

EcoWorld’s “For Generations” Campaign Is One That Will Stay For Generations

EcoWorld’s latest creative and super relatable campaign strives to prove one point that it’s all about YOU. It’s your generation. How you want to live and enjoy life is what inspires EcoWorld.

Check out their campaign video here:


At each stage of life, we’ll have different needs and wants. EcoWorld is quick to realize this and their For Generations campaign, showcases how EcoWorld developments can cater to one’s shifting aspirations. Each project is meticulously crafted and is tailored for different generations. Now it begs the question, which generation do you belong to? Keep scrolling to make your pick!

The Zen Generation

If you’re looking for a peace of mind, or blissful tranquillity from the busy city life, then EcoWorld’s serene family area is perfect for a meditation retreat.


The Explorer Generation

Fellow explorers, EcoWorld knows beautiful wonders are your thing and that’s why their townships are packed with fascinating parks and gardens. This will definitely encourage fun-filled nature adventures.

The Ever Learner Generation

EcoWorld For Generations Campaign


Are you someone who’s into life-long learning? If you live by the motto that no one is too old to learn new things, then you gotta pay EcoWorld Life Space a visit as there will never be a dull moment there.

The Culinary Generation

Do you have a passion for cooking gourmet meals? Or perhaps you have a knack for pairing spices? EcoWorld’s spacious dream kitchen creates everlasting memories with your little chef.


The Trend Seeker Generation

Think you got what it takes to be a trendsetter? Then, EcoWorld’s Spring Labs, a vibrant communal space is the most creative platform you’ll ever find.

The Minimalist Generation

These days, there are some of us who love a space that’s simple, modern yet sleek. Having a space that’s clutter-free will guarantee a peaceful living. So, EcoWorld’s living spaces are thoughtfully designed to promote freedom from clutter.

The Digital Nomad Generation

EcoWorld For Generations Campaign

For those of us who are always working on-the-go, EcoWorld has energizing environments that will inspire creative ideas in you.

The Gym Rat Generation

Fitness and health enthusiasts, rejoice! EcoWorld has communal gymnasiums that are convenient and will encourage residents to elevate their fitness levels.

The Nature Friendly Generation

If you love nature, EcoWorld has residences that are designed with a personal home garden. Now you can nurture your green fingers and create your own little green world.

The Pet Lover Generation


EcoWorld For Generations Campaign

No one can resist adorable pets like puppies or kittens, right? EcoWorld residences are pet-friendly environments because happy pets, happy life.

The Artistic Generation

Calling all aspiring artists, EcoWorld has spaces that are decorated with inspiring sculptures that may very well stimulate your art sense to create a masterpiece.

The Bold Creator Generation

EcoWorld has Business Parks that are designed with an Intelligent Space Concept. It’s the perfect spot to brainstorm and bring your visionary ideas to life.

The #POTD Generation

Do you have an active social media and constantly need to update your Instagram feed? EcoWorld has plenty of Instagrammable spots that are the perfect backdrop for your next post. Guaranteed to turn moments into memories when you capture your #ootd.

The Collector Generation

There are some who belong in the Collector Generation and love a rare find. You’ll be delighted to know that EcoWorld has spacious living areas that can be made into a private gallery for your hobbies. You’ll have your own space to show off your prized possessions.

Now that you’ve made it to the end of the list, you get why we said EcoWorld’s latest campaign is so relatable and creative right?

So, no matter which generation you belong to, EcoWorld is here for you every step of the way.


If you are passionate about nature and architecture, Eco Horizon’s Brydon in Batu Kawan, Penang is the perfect fit. Its well-designed bungalows and semi-dees are set in a secure and serene environment allowing you and your loved ones the peace of mind to enjoy life to the fullest.


For a home as vibrant as you are, Cora in Eco Ardence, Shah Alam is the discerning choice. Its zen inspired garden homes, semi-dees and bungalows come with exclusive clubhouse access, top-notch security and charming back lane gardens. Its lifestyle hub – Ardence Labs makes entertaining and dining a breeze. Life at Cora is never dull.


Looking for a home that fits as well as a custom-made suit? Hazelton in Eco Forest, Semenyih is designed with intuitive ergonomic principles to cater for all lifestyles. With an ErgoHomes concept (EcoWorld exclusive design), each terraced unit resembles a sought-after corner lot with its own private garden.


Design your house with EcoWorld because no one knows you better than you do. The Design to Own concept of Regent Garden in Eco Grandeur, Puncak Alam allows you the freedom and flexibility to customise your dream home. Stand out from the crowd at Regent Garden.


Wouldn’t it be lovely to live surrounded by lush greenery? With Rosé, an outstanding series of Garden Homes at Eco Spring in Iskandar Malaysia, you can do just that. Inspired by the best of contemporary and classic French architecture, Rosé units come with a 10ft private garden that perfectly complements its generous 20ft back lane gardens.

Share with us your preferred generation(s) in the comment section. Also, visit to find out more about the “For Generations” campaign and discover other collections. Or, stop by any EcoWorld Gallery for a detailed tour.

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