Here’s Where You Can Find The World’s FIRST Cempedak Shortcake & Crispy Rendang Nasi Lemak In KL

Just when you think that you’ve tried everything in Malaysia – the weird, the good or maybe even both. We spotted these 2 new shops in LaLaport BBCC where you can find the world’s FIRST Cempedak Shortcake as well as Crispy Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak?! We kid you not! Read on to find out more!


Local Cempedak Goodies & Huge Variety Of Irresistible Treats

Nothing shouts a good Malaysian dessert than infusing it with our favourite local fruit. While we’ve seen our fair share of durian treats, Clarisse by BeanGood puts the spotlight on our second favourite yellow fruit – Cempedak!

A must-try over here is no doubt their Signature Cempedak Crumble Cake. Moist and rich made with fresh, ripe cempedak flesh, sea salt crumble topping adds a touch of saltiness to the cake! One single bite and you get a strong whiff of cempedak, they definitely did not skimped out that.

Besides that, how could you not try their Cempedak Shortcake – the first and only in the world. While we normally find pineapple or strawberry shortcakes, this is definitely a unique treat. Bite into its crumbly shortcake and rich cempedak fruits filling encased inside. It even comes in gorgeous turquoise coloured packaging, perfect for gifting and a must-have souvenir for tourists visiting Malaysia.


Clarisse by BeanGood @ Lot LG1-FH-17 2

The First & Only Crispy Rendang Nasi Lemak in Malaysia?!

When you see “crispy” and “rendang” together in a sentence, our minds automatically goes to the meme-worthy Masterchef UK moment back in 2018. Little did we know, there is indeed Crispy Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak right here in KL! We knew we had to try it for ourselves.


At Nyonya Melaka, their star dish is most definitely the Crispy Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak. The crispiness  from the fried rempah of the rendang gravy gives the golden fried chicken an extra crunch in every bite. Paired with its sambal and fragrant nasi lemak – makes it a flavourful, wholesome bite.


Apart from their unique Crispy Rendang Chicken, this spot is a nasi lemak heaven for all! Serving at least 15 different types of nasi lemak, from Sambal Petai Squid to Nyonya Chicken, you’ll easily find all your favourite ones here. Beides, you must try their Vegetarian Nyonya Fried Rice with Petai for wok hei filled fried rice paired perfectly with their homemade sambal. 

Apart from rice dishes, you can also find homemade noodles such as Nyonya Curry Laksa and Pan Mee. All their broths and soups are made from scratch, making its somewhat different from the ones you’ve tried elsewhere. The Pan Mee soup is distinctively richer too. End your meal with their housemade Nyonya dessert that uses premium Gula Melaka.

Helmed by a Nyonya descendent from Melaka, the owner uses her mother’s recipe that has been passed down through generations for all her dishes. So if you’re craving some homey Nyonya food and Nasi Lemak, now you know where to drop by.

Nyonya Melaka @ Lot LG1-09B

Head On Over To LaLaport BBCC To Try Them All Today!

Whether you’re in for a sweet treat made from your favourite local fruit or nasi lemak topped with unique crispy rendang, LaLaport BBCC is the spot to be at to satisfy your cravings. So head on over to LaLaport BBCC today and explore the many dining choices they have here!

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