These Authentic Thai Crispy Fish Snacks Are Perfect To-Go Munchies & Toppings For Your Dish

Having some lip-smacking snacks between meals is never a bad idea to give yourself a pump of energy throughout the day. But do make sure that your snacking choice is healthy for your diet! Not sure what’s a good option? Then you have to try these authentic Thai crispy snacks by Chaolay Thai that are high in nutrition!

Here’s Why You Should Try These Healthy Snacks-To-Go By Chaolay Thai

Chaolay Thai brings an exciting option of crispy fish snacks that are made of premium quality ingredients and rich in nutrition. It is safe to consume by all including pregnant women and also our Muslim friends as it is Halal certified! Here’s what you should check out:

Crunchy Sea Snacks For The Munch

If you love anchovies, these are definitely your thing! Just like a bigger version of anchovies, these Crispy Fish and White Sardine snacks come in 5 different flavours for you to choose from.

chaolay thai

chaolay thai

  • Black Pepper
  • Original
  • Tom Yum
  • Larb (Spicy & Sour)
  • Sweet Chili

You can eat this snack by itself as munchies between meals.

chaolay thai


Pair it with dishes like fried rice or nasi lemak as a side dish like anchovies.

chaolay thai

chaolay thai

They are satisfyingly crunchy and the most recommended flavours are the Original and Black Pepper!

Make A Not-So-Boring Dish With Thai Classic Toppings

Other than the snacks, Chaolay Thai also has these Crispy Crumbled Fish that will add more flavours to your dish! These crumbled fish are all ready to eat with no microwave needed. All you have to do is sprinkle them on your dish to complete your meal.

We tried the Basil and Red Curry flavours by sprinkling them on our spaghetti bolognese and salad:

The refreshing flavours and crunchy texture of the crumbled fish made the plain dishes taste a lot better!

Enjoy The Crunch Of These Snacks & Toppings By Chaolay Thai

Overall, satisfying bites and crunches are what you can look forward to when these snacks land in your mouth. The best part is each flavour brings its own nutrition value that is healthy and guilt-free! Not to forget the crumbled fish toppings are really a game-changer for plain dishes with more flavours hitting our taste buds.

Get your own Chaolay Thai snacks and toppings now online from Shopee, Lazada or convenience stores and supermarkets near you! Enjoy, foodies~

Links(s): Shopee | Lazada

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