Chatime Malaysia Is Giving Away A Free Beverage For Every A You Get On Your SPM

All Malaysians have to get through SPM at least once in their life. Not a lot of us really enjoy the process of constant studying and more tuition classes. But now we’ve got a piece of good news to cheer up and congratulate all SPM takers for 2019! Ready? Chatime Malaysia is giving away a free Chatime beverage for every A you receive on your SPM! That means the more As you get on your SPM, the more free drinks you get!


Chatime Is Giving Away A Free Beverage For Every A You Get On Your SPM

Photo: @chatime.malaysia (Instagram)

We’re not kidding when we say Chatime is generous when it comes to their beverages. It’s not a usual thing you get to enjoy free things on SPM. However,  in congratulations to all SPM takers who took their exams in 2019, Chatime is giving away a free beverage for every As you get on your SPM!

Photo: @thebubbletearex (Instagram)
Photo: @thebubbletearex (Instagram)

If you’re thinking ‘it’s only one drink’, then you’ve got it wrong. For this special giveaway, the number of free beverages you get is up to how well you did on your SPM exam. So if you’ve got 6As on your SPM, you’ll get 6 free beverages from them! It’s so good, right?

They’re Only Giving Away Until Stock Last

Photo: @ajbobatea (Instagram)

With much excitement about this giveaway, it’s only limited until their stock lasts. So if you’re an SPM taker for 2019, then we recommend you to hurry and get free drinks before they run out of stocks! Limited to the stores stated below, we hope all SPM takers are happy with their results and get what’s worth their effort.

Location: Chatime Avenue K⁣⁣, Berjaya Times Square⁣⁣, Ampang Point⁣⁣, Melawati Mall⁣⁣, Central i-City⁣⁣, AEON Shah Alam⁣⁣, The Mines⁣⁣, AEON Maluri⁣⁣, Mahkota Parade Melaka⁣⁣, AEON Bukit Mertajam⁣⁣, KTCC Mall⁣⁣, AEON Kinta City⁣⁣, 1st Avenue Penang⁣⁣, Jetty Point Complex Langkawi⁣⁣, Central Square Sg Petani⁣⁣, AEON Mall Kuching Central⁣⁣, AEON Queensbay Mall⁣⁣, Seremban Gateway⁣⁣, AEON Tebrau⁣⁣ and Sunway Pyramid⁣⁣.

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