Cholas Spice Kitchen Serves 45 Dishes Giant Thali Set & Other Authentic Indian Cuisines In KL

The Biggest Thali In Town

Greetings, foodies! We know you’re constantly looking for new flavours to explore in the city. And, what more to satisfy the constant need for new flavours than the traditional Indian Thali meal. At Cholas Spice Kitchen, you’ll be offered over 45 dishes on a single platter! Intrigued? Read on to find out what’s in their signature Maharaja Thali!

Cholas Spice Kitchen Serves One Of The Biggest Traditional Thali You’ve Ever Seen

Photo: KL Foodie

Many of us may not be too familiar with the traditional Indian cuisine Thali. It may remind you of banana leaf rice or even nasi ambeng, but Thali is so much more than the rest. Not only do you get an array of dishes but it all ranges from 6 different flavours of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on one single platter. At Cholas Spice Kitchen, you get the Maharaja Thali – ultimately bringing more even more dishes to enjoy in a single seating.

Highlights Of The Maharaja Thali At Cholas Spice Kitchen

Photo: KL Foodie

With over 40 dishes in their Maharaja Thali, here’re a couple dishes that you simply cannot miss out on when you’re here. Standing out amongst the rest, the Pineapple Tikka gives your usual tangy tropical fruit a whole new level of flavour. This is the ultimate starter dish to kick off your Thali experience right here!

Photo: KL Foodie

1. Butter Chicken: Moving along from their starters, you definitely have to give their rich and creamy butter chicken a try. Tender chicken pieces drenched in savoury gravy that simply pairs greatly with their selection of biryanis or keema naan (minced meat stuffed inside the naan).

2. Dal Makhani: Using authentic Indian recipes, this dish is not your ordinary dal. Ultra rich and creamy from its use of thick cream, a single bite into it with the pairing of chappati is incredibly delicious.

3. Nandu Rasam: A seafood soup that uses fresh crab pieces and cooking it in garlic, ginger and green chilies. This dish certainly packs a spicy punch but still leave you wanting for more.

Photo: KL Foodie

4. Palak Paneer: Love cheese? You’ll like this vegetarian curry that consists of fresh Indian cottage cheese with puréed spinach. Being one of the most popular paneer dishes, hint of spice can be tasted along with the creaminess of the cheese.

5. King Fish Curry: A dish that probably has the likes of most people who is in love with curry, there’s nothing better than fresh fish curry. Spicy and aromatic at first smell, indulge in this with the pairings of biryanis, plain basmati rice or even cheese naan.

6. Semiya Payasam: End your meal with something sweet by devouring this traditional Indian delight that consists of full cream, vermicelli and ghee. All of which is then topped off with raisins and cashew nuts for more texture. The perfect dessert to tie in all the flavours your palate has explored.

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

Besides that, you got to have something to pair with the wide array of curries being served. Hence, the Maharaja Thali comes with not one, not two, but FOUR different rotis! Choices of Garlic Naan, Chappati, Laccha Pratha and clay oven Rotis. There’s also Papadums to go with your curry-filled rice or just have it by itself as appetisers.

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Above all, the Maharaja Thali also comes with a side of smooth and rich Coconut Lassi. If you’re not a fan of coconuts, fret not, as you can also go for their signature Virgin Mojito. These are the perfect concoctions to refresh your palate and keep you cool on hot sunny days.

Other Authentic Indian Cuisines You Have To Try Here

Of course, Cholas Spice Kitchen has more than just Maharaja Thali. Taking a look at their menu and everything sounding as good as they seem, we know you’ll have a hard time choosing. So, here are some signature main courses that you can order here!

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

First off, you cannot miss out on their signature Crab Masala Curry cooked with an array of herbs and spices. Honestly, nothing can beat the smell and taste of having the combination of crab and curry in a single bowl.

Next up, definitely give their Classic Tandoori Murgh a go. Chicken thigh is roasted slowly in a clay oven, strong flavours of chilli and masala can be tasted in first bite. Get a dose of three flavours from a single plate – red masala tikka, lasooni tikka and green mint chicken tikka!

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

Last but certainly not least, is their spectacular selections of biryanis. Mushroom Biryani is being served in a pineapple, giving a tropical taste to your ordinary biryani. But the crowd-favourite will have to be their Mutton Biryani. Juicy and tender curry mutton gives the biryani a little spicy kick – just enough to keep you craving for more!

Feast Like A King In This Palace-like Environment Of Cholas Spice Kitchen

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

Apart from the amazing food that is offered here, Cholas Spice Kitchen is so much more than that. Their exquisitely decorated interior is enough elevate your dining experience. Gold hues can be spotted everywhere, from their walls to windows to cutleries, you’ll feel as if you’re dining in an Indian palace! Besides, they also have private rooms and buffet spreads – perfect for parties, functions, ceremonial & corporate lunch/dinner, family reunions, get-togethers or just any kind of events you have in mind.

Cholas Spice Kitchen At Sheraton Imperial Hotel Is Perfect For The Ultimate Indian Feast

Photo: KL Foodie

This one-of-a-kind Indian restaurant is so hard to come by in Kuala Lumpur. If you’re looking to up your game of Indian cuisine dining, then Cholas Spice Kitchen is the “palace” for you! The moment you step into the space, you’re immediately guaranteed an authentic and traditional Indian dining experience. From its lip-smacking food to the breathtaking environment, be prepared to be in awe every step of the way.

Cholas Spice Kitchen

Address2nd Floor, Hotel Sheraton Imperial KL, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Operating hours: 11am – 11pm (Daily)

Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

Status: Muslim-friendly & Vegetarian-friendly

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