CHUN: This Popular Korean Sausage Snack Is Perfect For Cheese Lovers And It’s So Tasty

Pulllll That Cheese!

Hello, foodies! Do you love eating cheese? Cheese is possibly one of life’s guilty pleasures that we can never get enough of. Cheese is everywhere. You could add cheese to anything — pasta, rice, pizza – and, we’re 110% sure it’ll taste better. If you are crazy about cheese, you’re going to love: CHUN!

How Long Can You CHUN With Their Cheesy Deep Fried Korean Sausages?

Photo: @chunmalaysia (Instagram)

“CHUN” derives from Chung Chun, Korea, and it carries the meaning “awesome” or “great” in the colloquial Malaysian language. Originating from South Korea, it is traditionally made with sausages on a stick coated and deep fried with batter. CHUN basically serves delicious corn dogs [a hot dog covered in maize-flour batter, fried, and served on a stick].

Here’s What You Can Order At CHUN To Enjoy Cheesy Deep Fried Sausages

Photo: @chunmalaysia (Instagram)

CHUN uses premium smoked chicken sausages battered to perfection to create their delicious sausage snacks. There are sausage bases to choose from: The OG, Cheddar, Mozza, and Mozzacheddar. As if one type of cheese isn’t enough (because it really isn’t), you can enjoy two types of cheese together in a combo! Are you drooling yet?

The OG: Original CHUN Sausage

Photo: KL Foodie

The OG is smoked to perfection and is coated with their signature CHUN batter. Nothing explains crispy chewy sensation better than this one. It certainly is a classic corn dog that we’re certain you will enjoy. If this is your first time at CHUN and you want to play safe, The OG is definitely your best bet because it’s the original gangsta anyway.

Photo: KL Foodie

Cheddar: Signature CHUN Batter With Cheddar Cheese

Photo: KL Foodie

Up next: Cheddar. As the name suggests, this base is made with cheddar cheese. First, they wrap the chicken sausage with salty and pungent cheddar then it is coated with their signature CHUN batter. And of course, what comes next is the best part: the frying! The Korean sausage snack turns out super crispy and chewy. In addition, it’s so tasty!

Mozza: Best Of Both Worlds

Photo: KL Foodie

Mozza is half sausage topped with a block of buttery mozzarella for an additional stringy chewy sensation. Deep fried sausage and mozzarella? It is the best of both worlds with this classic corn dog. Considering it is only half sausage, we suggest you get two and indulge yourself because it’s seriously delicious!

Mozzacheddar: Top It Up With Popo Fluff For The Ultimate Cheesy Sensation

Photo: KL Foodie

Last but not the least, the Mozzacheddar. This base is perfect for ultimate fans of cheese! Besides gobbling down already yummy stringy cheese, you can top up their bases with crispy and fluffy potato gems. Yes, you read that right – this corn dog comes with a fluffy fried potato exterior that makes it even more delectable!

Pick Your Own Sauces And Enjoy CHUN The Way You Like It

Photo: KL Foodie

Pair Your CHUN Sausage With Their Refreshing Drinks And Eat On-The-Go

Photo: KL Foodie

CHUN also serves a variety of drinks that go so well with their sausages. It is a selection of fruity drinks that will certainly refresh your palate from eating all that yummy cheeese! You can choose from three types of drinks which are: Lemon Waves, Longan Kamquat, and Peach Paradise.

Drinks: Lemon Waves

Photo: KL Foodie

Drinks: Mystery Drink (Longan Kamquat)

Photo: KL Foodie

Drinks: Peach Paradise

Photo: KL Foodie

Which CHUN Sausage Are You Most Excited To Try?

Photo: @chunmalaysia (Instagram)

CHUN only sources carefully selected premium quality ingredients to make their signature Korean Rice Sausage. In addition, all their products are made to order to ensure freshness so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family to enjoy some delicious corn dogs!

Photo: @chunmalaysia (Instagram)

CHUN Malaysia 

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[This is a Muslim-friendly eatery]

Feature image(s) credit: @chunmalaysia (Instagram)

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