Here’s How Clean Gangwon Is Making It Travel Safe For You When Visiting Gangwon, Korea In The Future

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Travelling out of the country is very well out of the question now. But that doesn’t stop us from imagining what it will be like when the borders reopen and we’re at our favourite places. Many countries have implemented ways to make sure both locals and foreigners are able to be safe while out and about during the pandemic. Gangwon, Korea is definitely one of them! Read on to find out how Gangwon is keeping it clean and safe for you.


Clean Gangwon: How You Can Travel Safe & Worry-Free At Gangwon, Korea

Most of the establishments like hotels, resorts and tourist attractions are designated Gangwon Self Clean Shop too. So aside from daily thorough sanitisation, hand sanitisers and cleaners are readily prepared at these premises. You can also spot the sign “Gangwon Self Clean Shop” at the premise for clear indication that it’s sanitised.

All you need while travelling here is the Clean Gangwon Passport in your phone. Basically, you can log your entry digitally everywhere you go in Gangwon. Of course, you’ll first have your temperature checked and hands sanitised. Then, your details are taken through the store’s digital stamp and you’ll even get to redeem E-souvenirs through the app! 

Eager to know more? Watch how all the cities in Gangwon are keeping clean and sanitised for everyone to travel at ease!

1. ChunCheon

Only an hour away from Seoul, ChunCheon is easily a famous spot for tourists from all over the world. With well-known places like Nami Island and Soyanggang Skywalk – you’ll be amazed at how much there is to see at ChunCheon. Spend a couple days exploring while you effortlessly use the Clean Gangwon Passport to check into everywhere you go.


2. Gangneung

Entering Gangneung via the train only takes 90 minutes now! You’ll first be greeted with spotless facilities at Gangneung Station. Over here, there’s a plethora of famous K-drama spots that you can travel to at ease, like the Jumunjin Beach from Goblin. Stop for a cuppa at your favourite cafe on Anmok Coffee Street while overlooking the beach. Don’t worry as your temperature will be taken upon the premise and you’ll get stamped through the Clean Gangwon Passport!


3. Jeongseon

Being the hometown of Arirang, Jeongseon is where you head to fully-indulge in Korean culture. Spend the day walking around the cultural villages or even catch a cultural performance. Worry not! As all facilities and premises are daily sanitised for visitors to visit at ease. Head over to Jeongseon Arirang Market Place that have been thoroughly sanitised for a taste of your favourite street snack.


4. Pyeongchang

Being well-known for its “Wonderland of Snow”, you’ll instantly fall in love with this place upon landing at Pyeongchang. All resorts here such as the Yongpyong Resort are part of Gangwon Self Clean Shop too! Besides that, all winter sport activities and facilities are thoroughly sanitised too, so you can use them at ease at all times.

5. Sokcho Yangyang

Upon arriving at Yangyang Airport, you’ll get to ride the clean and sanitised shuttle bus to Yangyang Bus Terminal for free. Trying to save more without skipping on any attractions? You can count on Tourist Taxi for an ease of transportation to all the famous attractions including Surfyy Beach! All public transportations and ride sharing vehicles are sanitised with sanitisers and cleaners ready for use as well!

6. Wonju

Last but certainly least, Wonju is all clean and ready to welcome you to explore at any time. Dress up in traditional hanbok and walk around (with your masks) the cultural heritage for your Instagram feed. Or simply conquer your fear by walking on Korea’s longest and highest suspension bridge. Trust Clean Gangwon to make sure that the bridge is sanitised daily as well!

Get Ready To Visit A Whole New & Clean Gangwon In The Future

Without a doubt, it’ll be a whole new experience visiting Gangwon, Korea in the near future. A great effort from their end in keeping all establishments safe for both locals and travellers, keeping our minds and hearts at ease. It’s definitely heart-warming to know that Gangwon is ready to welcome us with arms open when the borders do open!

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