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A credit card is a good substitute for cash and a great short-term financing tool. Contrary to the belief that credit card holders often end up with piles of debts, using a credit card to make payments actually helps you to earn some cashback and even save money if you use it responsibly. If you have been considering managing your financial well-being with a credit card, take this opportunity to sign up for a Citi Credit Card via RinggitPlus to receive a guaranteed RM1,000 Touch n’ Go e-Wallet Credit reward!

3 Days Citi Credit Card Flash Deal By RinggitPlus

The Citi Credit Card Flash Deal by RinggitPlus is exclusively open for 3 days only from 20 to 22 April 2022. If you are still not familiar with the perks of using a credit card, here are the benefits of the Citi credit card you can look forward to:

 citi bank credit cardciti credit card

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1. Up To 10% Cashback

Earning cashback is a good source of savings nowadays. Instead of just paying and getting nothing in return, a Citi credit card offers a cashback rate of 10% when you spend RM500 and above monthly on petrol, groceries, dining and Grab too. On top of that, any other retail spending comes with a 0.2% cashback rate! Once you accumulate a total retail spend of RM500 and above on your cashback credit card, you will get up to RM50 savings every month or RM600 in a year! T&C apply.

2. Temporary CVV Feature

Let’s admit that the excitement of using a new card cannot be contained and we’d want to use it as soon as possible. Worry not because the Citi credit card now has a Temporary CVV feature that allows you to activate your new Citi credit card instantly via Citi Mobile® App! You can immediately start spending with your credit card while waiting for the physical card to be delivered to you.

3. Great Balance Transfer Plan

Low-interest rates are what we are all looking for when handling credit card debts. The Citi credit card allows you to consolidate any of your outstanding credit card debt with great balance transfer plans that offer you low-interest rates, starting from 5.32% p.a with no one-time upfront handling fee! You can now pay off your debts in no time with smaller instalments and flexible repayment tenure.

4. Free Annual Fee For First 3 Years 

Rejoice for new cardholders! The Citi credit card will be FREE for your first 3 Years of usage which will help you to save RM360! After the 3 years, the annual fee will be priced at RM120 for the primary card while a supplementary card can be applied for RM60 annually.


5. 20 Days Interest-Free Period

Paying the bills on time is essential for every credit cardholder. If you have always been fast in settling bills, reap the benefit of having an interest free payment with a Citi credit card when you pay in full 20 days on or before the payment due date. All you have to do is settle your payment within the 20-day interest-free period and you can save yourself from paying the interest fee!

Sign Up For Malaysia’s Best Credit Cards Via RinggitPlus Now To Enjoy Sign Up Gifts!

ringgitplus citi bank credit card

Made up your mind to sign up for a credit card? Here are what you should do to get a Citi credit card with extra sign up perks! Sign up here!


Step 1:

Hop on to and click ‘Apply Now’ to start your WhatsApp chat box journey with RinggitPlus. Complete the chatbot journey and you will receive an URL link to continue the application at the Citibank Malaysia website.

Step 2:

Then, complete the application form, upload documents to the website and wait for a confirmation on approval from Citibank.

Step 3:

Upon approval, you will finally receive your credit card and all you have to do is make 8X swipes (any amount, e-wallet top-ups included) to qualify for the Free RM1,000 Touch n’Go e-Wallet Credit criteria!


Once you meet the criteria, RinggitPlus will reach you and the RM1,000 TNG credit is yours!

Do Not Sleep On This 3 Days Credit Card Flash Deal!

ringgitplus citi bank credit card

Are you still hesitating? The Flash Deal is only here for 3 days so be quick if you don’t want to miss the guaranteed gift! Just sign up, swipe and RM1,000 will be yours!

Sign up now!

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