dahmakan Launches dahminum Drinks On 12.12 & You Can Get It For FREE With Your Meal – For ONE Day ONLY!

Jom makan and...minum!

Hello, foodies! 12.12 is approaching so here’s your chance to shop till you drop once again if you missed 11.11. Because the only thing better than having shopping goods delivered to you is…food delivery! dahmakan is launching dahminum on 12.12 featuring 8 local Malaysian flavours and we’re not even at the best part yet. You can get a dahminum drink for FREE with every meal on 12.12 (Special One Day Offer)!


dahminum Launches On 12.12 And These Drinks Are Your Local Malaysian Favourites

Photos: dahmakan

Yes, one of Malaysia’s favourite affordable food delivery service brands in the Klang Valley, dahmakan has upped their game with their introduction of dahminum! Food and drinks definitely go hand in hand, so, aren’t you excited that they are launching dahminum with a selection of 8 local drinks? Because we certainly are! If you have tried dahmakan, you already know that they offer plenty of tasty food on their platform and now with dahminum, it’s a complete meal!

ONE FREE Cup Of dahminum With Every Meal Delivered On 12.12 By dahmakan (Order Here Now)

Photo: dahmakan

Are you excited to try these new drinks? We bet that they are super yummy! Download the dahmakan app (Google Play and App Store) and order a complete meal right now! dahminum features a selection of 8 local drinks which are;

Teh O Ais

Photo: Teh O Ais

Teh Ais

Photo: Teh Ais

Teh O Limau Ais

Photo: Teh O Limau Ais

Limau Ais

Photo: Limau Ais

Sirap Bandung

Photo: Sirap Bandung


Photo: Chrysanthemum

Barli Ais

Photo: Barli Ais

Barli Limau Ais

Photo: Barli Limau Ais

ONE FREE Cup Of dahminum With Every Meal Delivered On 12.12

Photo: Healthy Minced Chicken Lasagna with Market Vegetables

In conjunction with 12.12 and their launch of dahminum, they will be giving away ONE free cup of any dahminum drink with every meal delivered*. So, this means…it’s time to get on dahmakan and enjoy yummy food and local drinks!

*Terms and conditions apply;

  • Flavour of drink is pre-selected by dahmakan
  • Valid only for meals delivered on 12 December 2019
  • Pre-order now using this link

Get Meals From Only RM12 On dahmakan And Enjoy A Delicious Meal

Photo: Nasi Lemak with Ayam Berempah

It’s no doubt that dahmakan prides themselves in delivering chef-made food that is both tasty and affordable. Also, dahmakan always listens to their customer’s demands and with that, they are introducing new meals at RM12 only! Isn’t that fantastic?

Photo: @dahmakan (Instagram)

In addition to delivering affordable eats, they certainly emphasise the usage of high quality ingredients and cooking methods. Also, cleanliness is a very important factor to dahmakan and they ensure that your food is delivered to you in your preferred timing so that food is fresh.

Are You Excited To Try These New Drinks From dahminum?

There you have it, now it’s time to enjoy 12.12 with dahmakan and…dahminum! Are you looking forward to 12.12? Wait no more, download their app and be sure to enjoy the day and order from dahmakan to keep yourself satisfied. Remember to take pictures of your delicious meals and hashtag #dahminum to share which of the 8 drinks you received! 

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