Here’s How You Can Get Delicious KITKAT Treats For Buka Puasa & Show Support To Local Bakers

The #EasyRecipeasy Challenge Continues!

Hello, foodies! Over the last few weeks of staying at home, have you been trying plenty of recipes? If you haven’t already heard, the KITKAT #EasyRecipeasy Challenge has everyone experimenting to create delicious new recipes using KITKAT chocolate! To find out more, read about it here. Plus, you can stand a chance to win a 1-year supply of KITKAT when you participate in this challenge until 31st May 2020. This This challenge is making everyone put on their thinking caps to create the ultimate KITKAT dessert or snack. And, it is safe to say that these three local bakers are totally acing the challenge with their KITKAT chocolate creations!


Complete Your Buka Puasa Meal With These Delicious KITKAT Chocolate Snacks From These 3 Local Bakers

Photo: (from left to right) @thekeriaball (Instagram), @bakerrinas (Instagram), @theskinnybakers (Instagram)

Whether you are cooking or baking in the kitchen, sometimes you just need a break. It is Ramadan month now and we’re here to help you make the most out of your Iftar meals, hassle-free! Check them out below and show some support because you can now order these treats to enjoy them at home during Iftar.

1. The Keria Ball

Photo: @thekeriaball (Instagram)

What could be more delicious than a fried doughnut ball? Well, the answer is: a fried doughnut ball with a sweet surprise on the inside – KITKAT chocolate. Being Malaysian, we are all too familiar with kuih Keria and so many of us enjoy eating it as a snack. Considering it is Bulan Ramadan, it is just what we need after a long day of fasting. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, you can now enjoy your Keria with KITKAT sauce. The kuih Keria is soft in texture and the KITKAT chocolate adds a delicious crunch to it. And, when dipped in their chocolatey sauce, it’s super yum! Get this delicious treat now from @thekeriaball; check out their Instagram and place your orders!

Photo: @thekeriaball (Instagram)

2. Bakerrinas

Photo: @bakerrinas (Instagram)

Don’t these brownies look amazing? We are already drooling just looking at this picture! A local baker based in Ampang, @bakerrinas makes homemade desserts that look too pretty to eat. But, we can assure you that their treats are super mouth-watering. These brownies taste delightful because they are fudgy and so addictive! Calling all chocolate lovers because these KITKAT Fudge Brownies are all of your chocolatey dreams come true in a bite…or two. Order these now for yourself or, for your friends because sharing is caring!

Photo: @bakerrinas (Instagram)

3. The Skinny Bakers

Chocolate chip cookie + marshmallow + KITKAT chocolate – name a better trio, we’ll wait. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be munching on this gooey treat bite after bite. This delicious S’mores KITKAT Soft Cookies is all thanks to @theskinnybakers. This cookie tastes divine because of the gooey marshmallow and oh-so-decadent KITKAT chocolate. It really is the perfect mouthful. Even though we can all agree that there is nothing skinny about this cookie, there are always cheat days. And, on cheat days, you eat for your soul not for your tummy. Order now and eat this cookie!

Photo: @theskinnybakers (Instagram)

Which KITKAT Chocolate Treat Are You Most Excited To Try?

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has taken a big hit to our economy and there are plenty of ways we can lend a helping hand to support our local economy. And, that includes supporting small businesses like these local bakers. After weeks of experimenting with cooking recipes or baking recipes, it is time to take a break and enjoy some delicious KITKAT chocolate treats that are guaranteed to make you feel good. Check out these local bakers, place your orders now, and have a good Ramadan! Bye!


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