Detailed SOPs To Follow During The CMCO At Selangor, KL & Putrajaya You Need To Take Note Of


  • Eateries, food trucks and stalls to operate from 6AM – 10PM; dine-in is allowed but with max. 2 per table
  • Only 2 persons from same household allowed to head out for necessities
  • For those who need to travel out of district or state for work, must get official work pass

Here’s What You Should Know During The CMCO Starting Midnight Today

Photo: Reuters

Just yesterday, it was announced that Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya will undergo two weeks of Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) or PKPB effective starting from 14th October till 27 October. Here’s the detailed SOP to take note of:

  1. Roadblocks will be carried out, only 2 persons are allowed to head out for necessaries, high risk person such as children and elderly not encouraged to head out
  2. Inter-district & inter-state travel are only allowed with proper work permit; Official & detailed work pass from company will only be recognised
  3. For those who does in fact have to travel interstate, please head to the nearest police station or just go online for application of an official travel pass.

    Photo: Reuters
  4. Economic sectors can still operate as usual – restaurants, convenience stores, kiosks, food trucks, food stalls and more to operate from 6AM-10PM daily
  5. Takeaway, delivery and drive-thru are encouraged, however dine-in is still available but only 2 person per table. *Update: Bigger tables to allow maximum 4 diners per table
  6. Food delivery services can only operate from 6AM-12AM
  7. Daily markets can operate between 6AM-2PM; Wholesale markets to operate from 4AM-2PM and night market to be allowed to operate between 4PM-10PM. All markets to undergo stricter SOPs
  8. Petrol stations operate from 6AM-10PM except those on highways
  9. Public transports to operate as usual, including e-hailing and taxi, but with only 2 customers per car
  10. Hospitals and clinics can open for 24 hours; Pharmacies to operate from 8AM-11PM
  11. All recreational & entertainment centres as well as educational centres are not allowed to operate
  12. Outdoor activities that doesn’t exceed 10 persons and non-contact sports can be still be carried out

Stay Safe & Be Cautious

As we enter two weeks of CMCO starting midnight today, it’s important for us to take note of these SOPs. Better yet, we’re all encouraged to stay at home as much as possible this two weeks. Let’s stay strong, stay safe and be cautious as once again we try to stop the increase of COVID cases in the country.

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