Dining At Your Favourite Restaurants Now Just Got A Lot Safer & Easier With This App

With the CMCO in place now, everyone can enjoy a thin slice of freedom outside. Of the businesses that have reopened, the one place we’ve been highly looking forward to visit is definitely the restaurants and eateries. However, with strict SOPs to adhere, many may find it troublesome and actually refrain from dining outside. What if there’s a seamless way to have contactless dine-in at all your favourite restaurants without worrying a single bit?


FOODIE+ App Helps For A Smooth Contactless Dine-In Experience

Penang Foodie and KL Foodie have launched FOODIE+ which helps all foodies, like you, by curating some of the best foodie deals. And most of these eateries are simply your favourite makan places in town. Now, we’re taking FOODIE+ to the next level by ensuring everyone has the best (and safest) dining experience during CMCO. A brand new function is being incorporated whereby you can check in and out via the app at any participating eateries with a simple click of a button.

Read on to find out how FOODIE+ can save you time and keep you safe while dining out:

Here’s How To Check-In When You First Get To The Restaurant

*IC Number is only required based on specific regions in the country. Submission can be completed without IC Number.*

Steps To Check-Out After You’ve Finished Eating

Just proceed to check-out after you’re done dining at the restaurant and you’re good to go! Your check out time will be recorded on the app as well.


Forgot To Check-out?

You’ll automatically receive a push notification from the app to check-out after 1 and a half hours of checking in. Then, you can automatically check-out from the restaurant you were dining at.


Choose To Dine-In The Best Way Possible With FOODIE+

Contactless dining is now made even easier for everyone! As all of us are slowly embracing the new normal in our lives, there’s already so much on our plates. So why not dine worry-free at all your favourite restaurants by using the app today. Not only that, you can check out the best deals in town when choosing to dine-in as well. Download FOODIE+ and start dining out again today!


If you are an eatery, and you’re interested, here’s where you find more information about Foodie Check In.

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Hello, there! Being a part of the F&B community, we believe that it is important to help each other during this pandemic, and beyond. Now, you can support local eateries across Penang and Kuala Lumpur by ordering directly from them via phone call, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. These eateries offer in-house food delivery and takeaways. Search for “Foodie Plus” on App Store.

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