Always Argue Over Pizza Choices? BoxKu To The Rescue! But Wait…What Is BoxKu?

Sharing is not always caring! Sometimes sharing a pizza with friends ends up with someone compromising and not getting the flavour they preferred. If you want a whole Domino’s Pizza just for yourself, that’s okay! Because Domino’s Pizza Malaysia recently rolled out BoxKu personal pizza that comes with a bigger 7” personal pizza and a side from only RM10.90! 


No more arguing, everyone gets their own pizza!

More For Yourself With BoxKu

So what’s a BoxKu? BoxKu comes with a personal pizza which is now 7” big (previously 6”), 15% larger than before. Not only that, the pizza comes with 20% more toppings and cheese with 36% more bites too! 

What You Can Get With Only RM10.90!


A cup of barista coffee could easily cost you more than RM10 these days, and that’s only a drink you can enjoy. The Nasi Kandar you are having surely costs more than RM10 too, and we know it’s not cheap when you want to get your favourite dishes on your plate! 

But now we have the Domino’s Pizza BoxKu that can give you so much more than just a pizza. With only RM10.90, you can enjoy a good meal of pizza as well as sides! That’s MORE SAVING and MORE BITES you get there! Need a drink? It’s only RM2 to add-on. 

4 Ways To Enjoy Domino’s Pizza BoxKu

There’s a total of 88 variations of BoxKu you can customise but here’s the 4 sides you can get along with your favourite pizza flavour! 

1. Mini Cheese Dots

BoxKu – Personal Pizza + Mini Cheese Dots (RM 10.90) – Optional + RM2 for drinks


Can’t resist their cheesy Mini Cheese Dots! 

2. Garlic Twisty Bread


BoxKu – Personal Pizza + Garlic Twisty Bread (RM 10.90) – Optional + RM2 for drinks

The Garlic Twisty Bread is a classic side dish you usually have to add-on. But now it comes in the BoxKu combo!

3. Potato Wedges


BoxKu – Personal Pizza + Potato Wedges (RM 14.90) – Optional + RM2 for drinks

Potato lovers, this is yours to get!

4. Onion Ring

BoxKu – Personal Pizza + Onion Ring (RM 14.90) – Optional + RM2 for drinks

Onion Ring as sides is YUM.

Remember to Share The Moments, But Not My Box! 

BoxKu is perfect if you wish to dine alone. However, it is also perfect for friends gathering or lunch with your favourite colleagues. Now no one has to compromise on their favourite pizza and sides! 

FREE Delivery & Special Promo For Your BoxKu

Hungry and you want this? Get your BoxKu delivered to you with Domino’s free delivery! You just have to order a minimum of RM15 to enjoy the delivery offer (applicable for BoxKu only). 

Ordering for your group? Good news! Here are some special offer:

Boxku Duo – Purchase any 2 boxes and save RM 2

Boxku Trio – Purchase any 3 boxes and save RM 5

The more you buy the more you save!

Get The BoxKu Meal At Domino’s Pizza Now

Still haven’t tried the NEW BoxKu at Domino’s Pizza? Wait no more and go get your own BoxKu now at or download the Domino’s App! 

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