Malaysian Company Makes Edible Rice Straws To Save The Earth

“We’ll be drowned by plastic someday,” and that day is not far away. Thankfully, we are now more aware of our plastic contribution. Many people, cafes and restaurants are making efforts by switching plastic straws to metal straws. BUT, some of you might have these questions in mind like “How do they clean the straws?” “Am I sharing a straw with other hundreds of people?” when your drinks are served with a metal straw. Fret not, as we share the ultimate solution – edible rice drinking straws! Mindblown? Continue reading to find out this new invention.



What is Edible Rice Drinking Straw?

Founded by a company called Mistraws Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, this new invention is based on efforts to solve the plastic wastage. These edible rice straws, also called “Mistraws,” are made from 100% natural ingredients, rice and tapioca (boba?). Not only you can use it as a regular straw, but it is also completely edible (if you want to). Time to ditch the plastic straws or even your metal straws, and we’ll tell you why.


Why Edible Rice Drinking Straw?

We have metal, bamboo, paper and other plant-based straws on the market, but each of them comes with certain flaws. Like would you carry your own metal straws 24/7 without the risk of losing it? Hygiene is also a concern. Paper straws, on the other hand, couldn’t sustain long enough in liquid and tend to alter the flavor of your drinks (bamboozled).


Mistraws Edible Rice Drinking Straw ticks the box, minus all the problems mentioned above. Not only it is fully biodegradable, which decomposes within 100 days (plastic takes up to 500 years), this type of straw could sustain in cold drinks for 4 to 6 hours, and in warm drinks up to 3 hours, without losing its shape and strength. Loud applause to Mistraws for such invention, is this not the ultimate solution to plastic straw issue?



We Can Make a Change:

Even the slightest change could make an impact, so why not change our straw habit and embrace the Mistraws Edible Rice Drinking Straw? Eco-friendly and economical, these straws come in 3 different sizes. Plus, they’re looking for distributor across Malaysia and Singapore, hit them up if you’re ready to make an impact to a greener generation, be it personal or business purposes.

Foodies, what do you think of such invention? Will you support or no? Tell us what you think in the comments section, we would like to hear them!


Check out Mistraws’ Facebook & Instagram.

Mistraws Edible Rice Drinking Straw

Company name:  Mistraws Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Contact no: +60126723639
Address: 191-5 Wisma CKE, Jalan Lanchang off Jalan Cheras, 56100, Cheras KL.

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