Eslite Bookstore, Largest Retail Bookstore Chain In Taiwan Will Be Opening In KL

Bookworms, Rejoice!

Hey there foodies! We know most of you are foodies but aside from food, let’s admit that we have enough love to spread around as well. If you LOVE LOVE LOVE books, then this news might very well make your day. One of the largest retail bookstores in Taiwan, Eslite Bookstore will be opening its first chain here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Eslite Bookstore Is Opening First SEA Outlet In Malaysia

If you’re a book lover, then you probably frequent Kinokuniya on a regular basis. It’s always fun to immerse ourselves amongst knowledge and there’s just something about those aisles of books that make a bookstore trip fun.

Eslite Bookstore Malaysia
Photo: @eslite (Facebook)

Like always, let’s start with some history of Eslite Bookstore. Established back in 1989 by Robert Wu Ching-Yu, the first outlet focuses on art and humanities-related books. Also, Eslite Bookstore is the very first bookstore to introduce a 24-hour system in Taiwan at its Dunhua store and this attracted night-time readers.

Eslite Bookstore Malaysia
Photo: @eslite (Facebook)

Eslite Bookstore has a total of 48 outlets solely in Taiwan and now, this mega bookstore chain will be spreading its wings of knowledge to Malaysia. It was rumoured that Eslite Bookstore in Malaysia would be 3300-6600 square meters, housing countless genres. Also, it’s the very first Eslite Bookstore right here in South East Asia!

Eslite Bookstore Malaysia
Photo: @eslite (Facebook)

When it comes to the opening date and location, the bookstore is most likely to open next year in KL City Centre. But since we’re now battling COVID-19, this date is subject to changes.

Eslite Bookstore Malaysia
Photo: @eslite (Facebook)

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Mark Your Calendar, Book-Lovers!

Can we just say how excited we are about Eslite Bookstore’s opening here in KL? Because let’s admit that we need more bookstores instead of malls. So, keep your eyes peeled for any new updates! Are you guys ready for this?

Eslite Bookstore Malaysia
Photo: @eslite (Facebook)

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