FamilyMart Uses A Monochrome Signboard At Its Cameron Highlands Stores

Malaysians are no strangers to FamilyMart. The one-stop Japanese convenience store filled with an array of hot food, snacks, and desserts, is just one of the many reasons why we love FamilyMart. Over the years, FamilyMart has been expanding nationwide to Penang and also Cameron Highlands. If you have an eye for detail, you’ll notice that the signages at FamilyMart Cameron Highlands are actually in monochrome. And, we have just the answer to that so start scrolling!


Black & White FamilyMart Signboard Spotted At Cameron Highlands

FamilyMart has been known to the public for its brightly-lit interior as well as a blue-green-white signboard. This makes the store stand out even from miles away.

FamilyMart Black and White Signboard Cameron Highlands

So when a fellow netizen @dearsln spotted a black-and-white FamilyMart signboard at its Cameron Centrum store, this piqued everyone’s curiosity.

FamilyMart Black and White Signboard Cameron Highlands

Reading the comments, a fellow netizen has the answer to this. According to Rahmat Ikhsan Mohd Sofyan, he has encountered a black and white FamilyMart signboard while in Japan. The reason behind this? It is FamilyMart’s philosophy to use a monochrome signboard at locations that emphasizes the beauty of nature.

FamilyMart Black and White Signboard Cameron Highlands

This is to ensure that the bright green FamilyMart shade does not overshadow the surrounding greens depicting that no man-made buildings can ever replace the beauty of nature. And honestly, we are loving this subtle way FamilyMart is showcasing its appreciation towards nature.

FamilyMart Black and White Signboard Cameron Highlands


As we know, Cameron Highlands is one of the places that are close to nature so it makes perfect sense for FamilyMart to put this philosophy into practice.

Confirming with FamilyMart, we were informed that it is actually a mandatory regulation for convenience stores to opt for a monochrome signboard. This is why both Cameron Highlands stores at Cameron Centrum and Tanah Rata have black and white signboards. Perhaps the black and white Pahang flag has an influence too?

FamilyMart Black and White Signboard Cameron HighlandsPhoto: @dearsln (Twitter)


Gratitude And Appreciation Towards Nature, Always

One thing’s for sure, this is definitely one of the more meaningful expressions of gratitude towards nature. What do you think of this? Let us know your thoughts!

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