FamilyMart Rolls Out 2 New Shimmering Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway For Valentine’s Day


Hello guys! Today’s news is all about our favourite convenience store! FamilyMart has just added 2 new Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway! Keep reading!


  • FamilyMart Malaysia releases new Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway
  • Jewelryway Potiron Rapunzel and Jewelryway Lulu Truck Minnie are new additions
  • Each design is available at RM39.90 (with a 30% discount for Family Mart members)
  • Available at all FamilyMart outlets except IOI City Mall, Mid Valley, Sunway Medical, KLIA 2 & Genting.

FamilyMart Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway Are The Cutest!

Without a doubt, for a majority of us, FamilyMart is the go-to spot whenever we feel like snacking. It’s like everything in this store is out-of-the-world. But, we’re not here to rave on about how good their food is, instead, we’re gonna spilling details about their super luxe merch, the Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway. Get ready, hardcore Disney fans. This one’s for you.

As we already know, FamilyMart is renowned for its Oden and Sofuto and their latest Strawberry Sofuto is truly irresistible. Aside from Sofuto, there are also other really cool items here too such as Onigiri, Sando and many more.

Photo: @familymartmy (Instagram)
Photo: @familymartmy (Instagram)

Now, it’s time to divert a little and talk about their seasonal merchandise. With every new season, FamilyMart will release new items. And February means the month of love so Valentine’s merch is already in store. Speaking of Valentine’s, it’s that time of the year where we see pink everywhere. Thus, behold the brand new pink, shimmery Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway.

FamilyMart Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway
Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)

2 new designs have released this Valentine’s, consisting of Jewelryway Potiron Rapunzel and Jewelryway Lulu Truck Minnie. The best part is that both these designs come in shimmery pink and it definitely brings out the princess in all of us.

Jewelryway Potiron Rapunzel

FamilyMart Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway
Photo: (Website)
FamilyMart Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway
Photo: (Website)

30% Discount For All FamilyMart Members

Priced at RM 39.90, if you’re a FamilyMart member, then you’ll get to enjoy a 30% discount off these beauties! This means you can add them to your collection by only paying approximately RM30. It’s definitely a catch.

Jewelryway Lulu Truck Minnie

FamilyMart Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway
Photo: (Website)
FamilyMart Disney Takara Tomy Jewelryway
Photo: (Website)

Well, what are you waiting for? They’re available for a limited time only so hurry and get yourselves a Disney jewelry box! They’re really the prettiest!

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