FamilyMart’s Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto Returns And March Babies Can Get It For Free

A Swirl Of Dark Chocolate Goodness


  • FamilyMart Malaysia announced the return of Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto flavour.
  • Available in-stores from 1st March 2020 onwards.
  • Matcha Sofuto flavour is temporarily unavailable.
  • Birthday Offer: Free (1) Sofuto ice-cream (any flavour) for March babies; offer valid until 31st March 2020.

Greetings, foodies! Let’s kick off Monday with some wonderful news! Just yesterday, FamilyMart Malaysia announced on their Facebook page, that the favourite Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto is making a comeback! Albeit exciting news to kickstart your week, we’re also sad to report that the Matcha Sofuto flavour will be temporarily unavailable. Nevertheless, here’s the real news: March babies can enjoy FREE Sofuto this month!

March Babies Can Redeem FamilyMart Sofuto Ice Cream For FREE

Photo: @ull_asfara (Instagram)

If you are new here, here’s something you should know: FamilyMart Malaysia has monthly birthday offers. If you didn’t know, it’s not too late! Moving into March, this is a special announcement for March babies because it’s your turn to claim FREE Sofuto!

Photo: @hays_eatable (Instagram)


Here’s how you can claim your FREE Sofuto in five simple steps:

  1. Download the MY FamilyMart app on your mobile phone
  2. Register yourself as a FamilyMart member 
  3. Go to the Reward tab and redeem your Birthday Reward/ Voucher
  4. Present your Birthday Reward to staff at the store
  5. Enjoy FREE Sofuto! 

FamilyMart’s Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto Flavour Makes A Comeback And It’s Available From 1st March 2020 Onwards

Photo: @pueywan (Instagram)

Back in early February, FamilyMart Malaysia released their new Sofuto flavour, Very Berry Strawberry and netizens loved it. Here we are in March, and…the Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto makes its comeback! This Sofuto flavour has been off the menu for some time now and we are so glad that it is back!

Photo: @jijitankyy (Instagram)

Specially made with real Belgian Dark Chocolate, this flavour was highly requested and of course they had to bring it back! Moreover, FamilyMart Malaysia even made an announcement on their Facebook page with a cute photo! Check it out below.

Photo: FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)

Matcha Sofuto Flavour Is Temporarily Unavailable At All FamilyMart Outlets

Photo: @babyfiqa29 (Instagram)

More importantly, we are also here to report that the Matcha Sofuto flavour is temporarily unavailable. Fret not, this flavour won’t be gone forever. So far, we don’t know when the flavour will be returning. In the meantime, do enjoy the Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto flavour while it lasts!

What Is Your Go-To Sofuto Flavour At FamilyMart?

Nonetheless, don’t be too sad that the Matcha Sofuto is currently unavailable. Because, just like FamilyMart Malaysia said, #MatchaWillBeBack. Reminder: don’t forget to tag your friends and family who are March babies! Everyone loves free food, right? So, enjoy and have a great birthday Marchies! Adios for now.

Feature image credit: (left) @pueywan (Instagram), (right) @ull_asfara (Instagram)


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