FamilyMart Malaysia Offers Buy 1 Free 1 Sofuto And Sofuto Sundae Until 14th July


  • FamilyMart is now offering Buy 1 Free 1 Sofuto and Sofuto Sundae.
  • It is available until 14th July 2020.

Hello, foodies! In a blink of an eye, we are in a brand new month of July! While the first half of the year wasn’t as fun as we planned out to be, here’s something to cheer you up! If you guessed food deals, then you’re right! This time around, FamilyMart is introducing an incredible Buy 1 Free 1 deal on its popular Sofuto and Sofuto Sundae! Are you ready for this?

FamilyMart Now Offers Buy 1 Free 1 Sofuto And Sofuto Sundae

Photo: @familymartmy (Instagram)

Casually strolling around a shopping mall and you’ll definitely spot at least one FamilyMart store. With a great variety of convenient foods from bento boxes to Onigiri, it’s hard not to turn your head around. While they indeed have a range of tempting foods and snacks, they are now offering an incredible deal just for you! Starting from today, they are now offering Buy 1 Free 1 Sofuto and Sofuto Sundae!

Photo: @familymartmy (Instagram)

Yes, you’ve seen it right. We’re talking about the popular soft serve that has captivated the heart and tastebuds of many people. Creamy and rich in flavours, it’s nonetheless the perfect dessert to kick off the heat. So don’t forget to grab your friends or family with you when you’re visiting FamilyMart!

The Deal Is Available Until 14th July 2020

Photo: FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)

With much excitement, this Buy 1 Free 1 deal is only available until 14th July 2020. Good things don’t last forever. But hey, you’ve got two weeks for this amazing deal. So take this time to indulge in soft creamy Sofuto and Sofuto Sundae with your loved ones, because you’re not going to regret this. Anyways, we hope everyone stays safe and see you in the next post.

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