FamilyMart Is Offering 50% Discount On All Their Oden Starter Bowls Until 30 June 2020

Add-On Ingredients Are Normal Priced

FamilyMart Malaysia is having a 50% discount promotion on all their Oden Starter Bowls, from now until 30 June 2020The promo is limited while stocks last, and add-on ingredients are normal price. You can get them at all outlets except KLIA2 and Genting.


Choose Your Starter Bowl And Add-On Other Ingredients

Simply choose a starter bowl of your liking, and pick other ingredients to add-on with your meal! For more information on what they offer, click here.



The FamilyMart Oden Comes In 2 Flavours

Oden is sort of a Japanese style ‘Lok-Lok’, where you get skewers of assorted items such as fish ball and tofu, boiled inside flavoured broth! At FamilyMart, you can choose from the Original broth (dashi) or the local Tom Yam broth.

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