Famous Korean Cheesy Sausage Is Finally Here At Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

It is an undisputed fact that cheese is the perfect topping to almost every Korean dish (dakgalbi, teokbokki, and even gimbap). So how could we forget about one of Korea’s most popular street snacks – the cheesy sausage?  Unfortunately, most of us do not have the privilege of packing our bags and flying to Korea on a whim just to satisfy our cravings. But fret not cause we’re to help! We’ve done our research and you can finally get a taste of the famous Korean cheesy sausage right here in Chun Pavilion KL!


If you’re not familiar with Chun, they launched their first outlet in Paradigm Mall last year in October and they have recently opened a second outlet in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, which is always great news for us KL peeps because we won’t have to travel far for this cheesy and chewy delight.

Korea Famous Cheese Sausage Is Finally Here At Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

“Where can we find korean cheesy sausage in KL? These Korean dramas are making me crave for it.” If these thoughts have ever popped up in your head, we’ve got you covered as we headed to Pavilion and gave it a shot.

Here’s what we ordered – three of their sausages, namely The OG, Mozza (topped with Popo Fluff) and Cheddar (topped with Curly Crunch) as well as a variety of drinks (RM4.50 each) including Peach Paradise, Lemon Waves and their Mystery Drink (you’ll have to ask the staff if you want to know more 😉 because where’s the fun if we disclosed it?)

Mozza (with Popo Fluff) For Long Stringy Cheese

We started off with the most awaited item on the menu – The Popo Fluff with Mozzarella Cheese. If you’re an avid fan of cheesy goodness, this is perfect for you. You can either go for Cheddar (RM9.50) or Mozzarella (RM9.30) but we figured we’d opt for the latter. We were also feeling quite adventurous and decided to top it with crispy potato cubes for RM 1.50, hence the name Popo Fluff.

Chun takes pride in the quality of their food and you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth with the ingredients they use. Stuffed with premium smoked chicken sausages and what caught our attention was the fact that almost half of the stick was topped with a block of mozzarella cheese! Being a cheese lover ourselves, we were definitely ecstatic and we bet our fellow cheese enthusiasts will feel the same.



Coated off with their signature batter and a generous helping of potato cubes, our Popo Fluff was fried to perfection.


Fun fact: Apparently if done right, you would be able to pull the cheese up to 3 meters in length and well, based on our pictures, we’d say we did a pretty a good job! The fluffy potato cubes complemented the cheese extremely well and if you’d like to do it for the Gram, the Mozza topped with Popo Fluff certainly deserves a spot on your Instagram story. Let us know how long you were able to pull the cheese; we hope you did better than us!

Cheddar (with Curly Crunch) For Texture

Not a fan of potatoes? Don’t worry, this crunchy sausage is here to tantalise your taste buds. Similar to Popo Fluff, you’re able to add your preferred toppings for only RM 1.50, but this time we tried pairing up Cheddar cheese with fried noodles instead – The Curly Crunch (RM11). If you have always been a fan of Mozza cheese, feel free to opt for that instead!

Coated again with their signature batter and topped with what we love best, crunchy noodles. We were curious as to how it would taste as it is a rather uncommon pairing, but you can count on Chun to be creative with their recipes.

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside – it is surely the best of both worlds and a party in your mouth!

The OG For The True Taste of Korean Street Snack

Last but not least, if you’re not one of those daredevils when it comes to food or perhaps you’d like to know the true taste of Korean cheesy sausage, we definitely recommend The OG (RM7.80). No fancy toppings, just a smoked sausage coated with their signature batter and fried till golden brown. You know what they say, nothing beats the original!

Our Verdict

If you’re bored of normal hot dogs and looking for something new, or maybe you’re on the hunt for cheesy sausage to relive your Korea memories, you should definitely give Chun Malaysia a try. With their unique recipes, the curiosity will surely get the best of you. Share this with your friends and families to try it out together!

Location: Paradigm Mall- Lot CC-29 / Pavillion KL – Lot P1.11.04, Level 1
Operating Hours : 10am – 10pm

Find CHUN here :

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