Malaysians Can Now Find The Nearest Spots For Covid-19 Testing Using FindMyTest

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  • You can now find the nearest spots for the Covid-19 tests in Malaysia using FindMyTest.
  • These spots include hospitals, clinics and private healthcare companies.
  • They also provide information on address, operating hours, price, reservation methods and more.

A little runny rose or cough and you realise a few pairs of eyes are glaring in your direction. But it’s not the main concern here. The real worry starts when you doubt yourself whether you are sick or have contracted the Coronavirus. However, that’s not to worry because we now have a new directory page that is going to help you. Advanx Health launches FindMyTest to help Malaysians find the nearest available COVID-19 testing spots.

Find The Nearest Spots For Covid-19 Testing Using FindMyTest

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Live news is constantly updating on the current situation and we have to admit that it is somehow a little scary. Especially when they say the mild symptoms are similar to the common flu. You might see your parents sitting next to you coughing for days and before you realise, you’re thinking Covid-19. You try to convince them for testing, but you don’t know where to go. That’s not to worry, because you can now find the nearest spots for Covid-19 testing using FindMyTest.

Not only does FindMyTest provide the nearest hospitals for Covid-19 tests, but they also feature clinics and private healthcare companies that offer real-time PCR testing. In case you don’t know what that is, it is essentially the gold standard for Covid-19 screening in Malaysia. So if you ever need to seek a site that tells you everything about the nearest facility for Covid-19, we recommend FindMyTest.

Skip The Worry And Find All The Information Here

Photo: FindMyTest (Official)

Sometimes, it’s the worry that stresses many people out during the outbreak rather than the actual virus. But with the launching of FindMyTest, we believe that it’ll be a great help to calm the worry. Additionally, you’ll be fascinated by how much information they provide. From test provider, address, price, sample collection method, operating hours, reservation method to contact information. It is quite a complete list, isn’t it?

Link(s): FindMyTest

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