Food Delivery Rider Was Thrown With Piping Hot Bowl Of Soup For Making A Late Delivery

Hello foodies, can we all agree that food delivery riders are some of the best people in the world? They would go the extra mile just to make sure we get our food no matter rain or shine. However, they’re also an easy target of ill-treatment. A netizen has recently shared a heartbreaking experience of her father working as a food delivery rider. He was cursed by his customer and thrown with food packaging that contains a piping hot bowl of soup for making a late delivery.


Daughter Shared Distressing Experience of Her Father Working as a Food Delivery Rider:

Photo: @esthererin (Instagram)

When food delivery riders attempt a late delivery, they’re often criticized and left with a bad review. A netizen who goes by the name Esther Erin shared what her father encountered working as a Grab rider on Instagram, and is rather upsetting.

In her Instagram post, she wrote that her father woke up for work at 5 a.m. with a terrible sore due to an incident that happened the day before.

“Nobody knew he had been driving for 12 hours straight, every single day for the past year. His usual routine includes his simple breakfast at 5.30am, followed by lunch at 8pm,” she said. Compared to the pain in his back and hunger in his stomach, the father worried more if he could make enough deliveries each day to cover the bills.

Photo: @esthererin (Instagram)

It was a Thursday when the terrible incident happened, Esther’s father decided to make one last delivery at 6 p.m. before heading back for dinner. He received an order from a Korean restaurant. Her father arrived within 5 minutes and went into the restaurant to greet the owner and inform him about the order. To which the owner responded “Grab drivers wait outside” with a displeased look.

30 minutes went by and the customer texted him “why the f*ck is my food taking so long to arrive?” So the father panicked and went back into the restaurant to follow up on the order. This time, the owner raised his voice with a glare “NOT READY! Grab drives outside!”

The Worst Has Yet To Come:

He then explained the situation and apologized to the customer, but then was threatened to be given a low rating. The father waited for another 20 minutes for the food to be done, and rushed as fast as he could to deliver it to the waiting customer.

When Esther’s father arrived and tried to apologize, the customer cut him off and said “You jangan kurang ajar (Don’t you dare to be rude)!” What he encountered next was the worst.

The customer took the food packaging that contains a piping hot bowl of soup and threw it back at him. “So f*cking long better don’t deliver next time,” Esther quoted the customer.


When the father got home two hours late for dinner, his clothes were damp, his skin had burnt spots and his eyes were puffy. This isn’t the first time that he has received harsh comments and curses, yet he keeps it all in his heart and constantly reminds himself to be grateful to have a job during this pandemic.

Treat Each Other With Respect & Kindness

What Esther’s father went through was physical and emotional abuse. It is in no way any human should be treated like this, let alone a food delivery rider. They’re just doing their job and we should treat each other with respect and kindness.

Photo: @esthererin (Instagram)

A PR representative from Grab had reached out to Esther and his father, advising them to file a formal complaint on the Grab app and make a police report.


Esther added that she posted this not to drive hate to anyone or towards any platform, but to raise awareness and encourage people to show empathy and kindness to one another.

Source: Instagram

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