Shoplots Are Seen Putting Up ‘For Sale’ Banners In Puchong As Businesses Struggle To Survive

Difficult Times :(


  • Photos of shop lots with ‘For Sale’ banners around the IOI Boulevard area in Puchong have been circulating on Facebook.
  • It seems that many business owners are forced to close down and put their shop lots up for sale as businesses continue to struggle to stay afloat during this Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Several shop lots that have put up ‘For Sale’ banners include F&B outlets, beauty shops, massage parlours and more.
  • To check out the original post on Facebook, click here.

‘For Sale’ Banners Crowd The Streets Of IOI Boulevard In Puchong

Photo: 生意出顶 Malaysia Business For Sale (Facebook)
Image: 生意出顶 Malaysia Business For Sale (Facebook)

Seen circulating on social media, specifically on Facebook, it seems that ‘For Sale’ banners are crowding the streets of IOI Boulevard in the Puchong area. This tells us that many business owners have been forced to shut down and put their shop lots up for sale. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a large number of business owners have taken a toll as their revenues continue to decline while our country is still in lockdown.

Photo: 生意出顶 Malaysia Business For Sale (Facebook)
Image: 生意出顶 Malaysia Business For Sale (Facebook)

F&B Outlets, Massage Parlours & Even Bars Look Closed Down

Image: 生意出顶 Malaysia Business For Sale (Facebook)

In a series of photos, it seems clear that business owners across the board are suffering due to the pandemic. For instance, we can see images of massage parlours, bars, and even several F&B outlets have hung up their ‘For Sale’ banners.

Photo: 生意出顶 Malaysia Business For Sale (Facebook)

Although this is rather sad news, there are some businesses who continue to thrive. In difficult times like this, we must remember to support local businesses as well as local eateries to help one another. It is clear that we can only get through this pandemic together so lets all continue to stay safe and take care of each other! Bye for now!

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