This French-Muslim Café Serves Authentic Crème Brûlée, Tarts And More By The Beach

Beach trip and French pastries galore!

Bonjour foodies! It’s that time of the week to start heading out of town for a much needed break. If you’re already planning your next road trip, what about a pitstop by Cherating, Pahang? Not only is it a peaceful escape from the city, but it’s also home to a halal hidden gem – Café Marion! This French-Muslim café is tucked away in this beach town with an array of authentic French delicacies! That Parisian holiday you’ve been dreaming of can be realised now, right at home.

Halal French-Muslim Café Sells Popular French Pastries in Cherating

Cafe Marion

France is one of the world’s top dessert capitals, with their emphasis on quality pastry and its lightness. So when French-Muslim chef Marion and her Malaysian husband Doje opened a local café, it’s no surprise that Malaysians were dashing over for a taste of authenticity! Their products are freshly-baked every morning and they assure only the finest quality ingredients.

Cafe Marion French-Muslim

Their pastries and desserts range from classic lemon meringue tarts & creme brulee to chocolate eclairs, croque monsieur and more! Adding to that are their salted butter caramel i jars, to be enjoyed with toasts or whatever you please. Check out their new Kaya Cheesecake too!

Cafe Marion French Muslim

French Muslim

Creme brulee

French Muslim

In the past two (2) months, Café Marion has been receiving overwhelming support from netizens due to a post on Facebook that went viral. Their business has been doing so well they’ve had to initiate a number system! Customers are now able to collect their numbered tickets ten (10) minutes before opening time. Following which, they may purchase a maximum of five (5) items each, for a fair and even distribution to all.

Cafe Marion

French Muslim

Cafe Marion

Plenty of visitor have praised their delectable choice of desserts, with regulars waiting patiently in line each day. With that, the team at Café Marion had to alert customers via IG that they are indeed working towards increasing stock in due time, to avoid disappointment!

Cafe Marion

Bookmark This Café For Your Next Beach Trip!

It has been a struggle for most industries over the past two years, but with the support we’re able to give small local businesses, there is still hope! Though it’s takeaway only, Café Marion is unequivocally the current highlight of Cherating. Stop over sometimes and show them some love! Bon appetit!

Café Marion

Address: 1011, Jalan Kampung Cherating Lama, Kampung Cherating, 26080 Balok, Pahang Malaysia.

Status: Halal

Opening hours: 1pm-7pm (Thursday-Monday), 2.30pm-7pm (Friday)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

Photo(s): Café Marion (FB & IG)

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