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This New Restaurant In SS2 Delivers Delicious Asian Fusion Food That You Won’t Believe Is Meatless


Hello, foodies! How’s your 2020 resolution on eating cleaner and healthier coming along? Most of you might have slowly given up due to everything that has unveiled in the past few months. Hold up! Don’t give up just yet. Today we have the ultimate solution for you to not only eat clean, but still be able to satisfy all your usual cravings.


Friendster Hub Has All Your Favourite Foods Made Into Vegetarian Options

Always dread having to give up a meal of savouring your favourite food? Now you don’t have to anymore. Because at Friendster Hub, you not only get to choose from a plethora of vegetarian options, but all the dishes are packed with flavours you’ve been craving for. Best of all – it’s all conveniently packed so you can take it to-go or have it delivered straight to you!

Photo: @Friendsterhub (Facebook)

From local favourites like Char Kuey Teow to Mock Chicken Chop, Friendster Hub serves well-rounded Asian Fusion food for every single one of you to enjoy. But if you’re looking to quench your thirst for a one-of-a-kind cuisine you can’t get anywhere else, here’s the place to be.

Specially made by their executive chef is this beautifully curated box – Jade Jiuge. It has 9 slots consisting of specialty food from 9 different countries. From Japan to France, have your tastebuds explore the world without even leaving the country, only at Friendster Hub. One of the few internationally renown dishes included in this is the Ratatouille, Croquette, Mock Chicken Tortilla and so much more.

Of course, how can we miss out on our favourites here as well. Get the Taste Of Asian with Butterfly Pea rice paired with Nyonya curry mock chicken and Assam prawn cutlet. A burst of flavours from both the curry sauce will have you hooked and going back for more. Definitely try out their Pulled Beef Rendang With Nasi Lemak – perfect for spicy food lovers! Feeling western? Try their Crispy Fried Vegan Mock Chicken Chop that comes with a side salad and freshly cut fruits.


Its scrumptious meals also come with a side of fruits and soup too. You’ll certainly be heading home with more than just a tummy full of good food. If there’s still space, don’t miss out on their signature mushroom soup! Purely blended with a variety of mushrooms, you’ll get to taste premium mushroom soup at affordable prices. Don’t forget to pair your meal with their range of healthy fruit juices too!


Still on the edge of wanting to try this out? You can certainly trust Friendster Hub in delivering the best flavours you’ve been craving for because it’s all curated by their award-winning executive chef. With 21 years of experience in hand, every single set is jam-packed with flavours you’ll only get from a five-star restaurant.

Have A Vegetarian Feast Right At Home As Friendster Hub Delivers To You Too

You can head over to their newest outlet located at SS2. Or better yet, stay put and have them deliver straight to you. Order from either foodpanda or beepit, and you can enjoy a guilt-free meal any time of the day. If you’re looking to try out meat-free food, Friendster Hub is the place for you! Everything is exquisitely made so you won’t even realise it’s meat-free.

Friendster Hub


Address: 187, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours: (DAILY) 11AM – 9PM

Status: Vegetarian, Muslim-Friendly

Link(s): WebsiteFacebook

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