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Fruit Sandwich Recipe Using Fernleaf Greek Yogurt

Get the kitchen ready! Today’s menu is Fruit Sandwich using Fernleaf Greek Yogurt. Let’s go, foodies! We heard yogurt is now the preferred alternative to fat-laden products. That’s why we prepare an easy & healthy breakfast recipe, just for you!
✅ Made with 100% milk from New Zealand
✅ Low-fat
✅ No added sugar
✅ Rich & creamy
Meals that are lower in fat, yet still enhance the taste and texture of your dishes. No matter what you’re making, this smooth and thick natural yogurt will definitely add creaminess and richness to elevate your every bite.
Opt for other Fernleaf Yogurt choices such as Fernleaf Natural Yogurt and Fernleaf Protein+™ with different kinds of benefits. Find out more at
Available at major supermarkets, Speedmart 99 and pandamart.

Check out the video here:



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